Talossan ID Cards

The Ministry of STUFF provides Talossan ID cards to all citizens who can pass a Civics Test on Talossan history, culture and other law. All the answers to this question can be found no more than 1 click away from the front page of TalossaWiki.

Front of the ID cards
Back of the ID cards

To take the Civics Test:

1) volunteers send to the Ministry of STUFF their email address.
2) The Ministry of STUFF will create a password on the QuizGlobal website, and send it by return email.
3) you go to quizglobal.com, log in with your username and password, and you should be taken right to the test.

Once you pass the test (defined as 16/20 correct answers), the Ministry of STUFF will contact you to get all the details needed to print your ID card.