The King


Talossa is a constitutional hereditary monarchy.

His Majesty Regeu Ian (“King John“), of the House of Lupul, assumed the throne on 14 March 2007, after an interregnum following the abdication of the minor King Louis. This abdication was given effect by act of Louis’s legal guardian on 29 November 2006.

In accordance with Organic Law, John ascended to the throne after the former Royal House yielded no heir, and the Ziu recommended a candidate to the people, who was then ratified.

King John has been a Talossan citizen since 2005, and he served as what has been widely pronounced as one of the most able of Secretaries of State until just shortly before his elevation to the throne. Before assuming the throne, His Majesty also served as a Senator for his beloved home province of Florencia, as Chancellor of the Royal Talossan Bar (no, not that kind of bar — yes, it disappointed him too), and was the first holder of the position of Blanc Wolf Herald in the College of Arms. King John was awarded the coveted Order of the Nation and was admitted into the Knighthood in 2005.

Downtown Talossa, from the Lagoon looking south

Downtown Talossa, from the Lagoon looking south

The Royal Household is served by a number of non-political offices, whose officers maintain their position through changes in government, serving at the pleasure of the King as advised by the Prime Minister.

Most appointments are made by the King, although in most cases the King is constrained to choose for each office the person recommended to him by a specific officer (usually the Prime Minister) or legal procedure. By long-established tradition, appointments that the Prime Minister recommends to the King are usually announced publicly by the Prime Minister and are considered to be official unless the Sovereign explicitly requests a substitute recommendation.

The King may veto laws passed by the Cosa and Senäts, however the veto can be overridden by a 2/3 vote of the Cosa.

The official title of the King is John by the Grace of God, King of Talossa and of all its Realms and Regions, King of Cézembre, Sovereign Lord and Protector of Pengöpäts and the New Falklands, Defender of the Faith, Leader of the Armed Forces, Viceroy of Hoxha and Vicar of Atatürk.

The Privy Council

The Organic Law specifies that the King shall appoint advisors with whom he shall consult on matters of grave importance. His Majesty’s Privy Council consists of:

  • Count Danihel Laurieir, GST
  • Baron Quedeir Castiglha, Cin., GST
  • Baron Fritz von Buchholtz, UrN, Cin., GST



The Royal Dog

As per the provisions of Talossan statutory law 42RZ15, “Pup, a female shiba inu of almost unimaginable cuteness and sagacity, … the proud owner both of King John and of Prince James” enjoys the privilege of being La Caciun Uficial del Regipäts Talossan (the Official Dog of the Kingdom of Talossa), a post granted unto her for the term of her natural life, and in part as a bribe to get Prince James to embrace his long-suppressed Talossanity.

God Save the King!