Ministry of the Interior

La Ministrà del Estericour

The Ministry of the Interior combines the roles of Defence and Immigration Minister as set forth in Organic Law XII.4 and XII.5.  The Interior Minister is also the liaison between the Kingdom Government and the provincial governments and heads the following Bureaus:

  1. El Büreu dels Afáes Înphätseschti (Bureau of Home Affairs) which shall be responsible for the order and well-being of the homeland and its environs. This Bureau shall provide a public presence in or near the Greater Talossan Area, shall assist in the organization of Living Cosâs, shall provide governmental assistance to the organizers of an annual TalossaFest celebration, and to all citizens making the Haxh, and shall take care to guide the Seneschal and other ministers in ever maintaining the connection and bond of Talossans worldwide to their homeland. The Bureau of Home Affairs is headed by Deputy Minister Inxheneu Crovâ.
  2. The Büreu dels Afáes Cestoûreschti (Bureau of Cestour Affairs), led by the ‘Piaçatéir Naziunál’ and assisted by bureaucrats known as C’huescoûrs (or “Binkies”), who shall see to it that the interests of Cestours within the homeland receive the proper attention of the government.
  3. El Büreu dal Zefençù (Bureau of Defence), which shall marshal and provide the Invincible Moral Support of the nation to the good and right side of any international conflict, as determined by the government, conveying to the combatants our proud “we would stand with you, but it’s safer to stand behind you” stance. The Bureau of Defence is headed by Deputy Minister Jeremy Davis
  4. El Büreu dàl Înmigraziun (the Bureau of Immigration), which shall be responsible for the execution of the nation’s laws appertaining to immigration of new citizens into the realm. This Ministry shall work closely with the Chancery and its Bureau of the Census to ensure that all incoming citizens are properly processed through immigration as provided by law. The Bureau of Immigration is headed by Deputy Minister Ian Anglatzarâ.

There is currently no Minister of the Interior. Instead, the ministry is overseen directly by the Seneschal.