All About Talossa

The Greater Talossan Area as seen from space (Cézembre excluded)

The Kingdom of Talossa is a small independent nation which peacefully seceded from the United States and the State of Wisconsin on 26th December 1979. From the original boundaries of King Robert I’s bedroom, the Kingdom has expanded to include 7 provinces which cover all land south of Edgewood Avenue on the east bank of the Milwaukee River, in addition to an additional province located on a small island off the coast of Brittany, France. Each province is internally self-governing and provincial governments take a wide variety of forms.

The Kingdom of Talossa is a constitutional monarchy, where the King has rights of veto over legislation and power over some appointments, including the peerage of the realm and knighthoods. His Majesty King John I ascended the throne in February 2007. The legislature consists of a 200 seat Cosa, elected from the whole nation by proportional representation; and an 8-member Senäts, each member representing a Province. General elections happen every six to eight months. Talossan law consists of an Organic Law (entrenched constitution) and ordinary statute law, codified in “el Lexhatx”.

Day-to-day Government is in the hands of a Seneschal (Prime Minister) and Cabinet, elected by the majority of the Cosa. There is also a non-political Royal Civil Service, whose most senior figure is the Secretary of State, in charge of running elections and legislative votes. The current membership of the Government and of the Royal Civil Service are to be found on the Seneschal’s List.

One of the greatest cultural treasures of Talossa is el glhe‏‏‏‏þ Talossán (the Talossan language), designed mainly by King Robert I over a period of decades. It is most closely related to Gallo-Romance languages such as French, Spanish, Catalan, Rumantsch and Lombard. Although few citizens are fluent, terms from the Talossan language (in particular political ones) are common in the Kingdom’s lingua franca, Talossan English.

Other forms of Talossan culture cover the whole gamut of human activity; from sports, to music and literature, to publishing newspapers. Talossa is an ongoing experiment in creating a national culture from the ground up, in progress for more than 40 years. Why not join?

A whole lot of additional information about our Kingdom – perhaps too much – is available on TalossaWiki.