La C’hronică  – March/April 2024

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La C’hronică  – March/April 2024

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Political News

  • Lots of discussion about the succession of King John
    Let’s give the mike to an external observer :
    Copilot, can you write a summary of the recent discussions about the succession of the king from, in around 100 words?
    Copilot :
    Recent discussions on have centered around the succession of the King of Talossa. The debate involves a proposed amendment that would establish a Council of Regency in the event of the King’s demise, abdication, or removal. Participants have discussed various aspects of the amendment, including the possibility of electing a successor or reforming the monarchy to grant it more power. The community is actively engaged in refining the proposal, with suggestions such as a “sunset clause” to ensure timely succession and prevent the need for further amendments
    Well, not bad for an AI, but… to understand this important issue, you’d better read the discussions below :
    The Vacant Throne (We Really Mean Business Now) Amendment
    The Active Monarch Assurance Amendment
    and of course read this Message from the King

Government News

  • The Talossan Travellers Network is growing !
    Four more citizens have offered to try to arrange an appointment with Talossan travellers who visit their home town. We now have 12 good reasons to visit the world, at least for now 7 countries on 2 continents!
    discover and enrich our network here !

Provincial News

  • A new name for Benito ?
    “Belacostă” seems to be a proposal reaching a wide consensus… Once voted at the national level, prepare to update all references to “The province so nice, they named it thrice !”
    name change discussion here
  • Cézembre Anthem under construction
    Barclamiù made many interesting proposals to create an Anthem for the nicest and friendliest province of Talossa
    lots of discussions about lyrics and music !

Culture News

Immigration News

During March XLV we received 5 immigration applications from all parts of the world :

  • Aleksei Kucheriavyi, from Ukraine
  • Andrew Crespi, from the USA
  • Pablo Dapena Lopez, from Spain
  • Makensie Sundquist, from USA
  • Sam Yackel, from the USA

And we welcome 3 new citizens :

  • Zilect Uómbat Firă, since 11 March
  • Catrină Buc’haran since19 March
  • Pol dal Timă Lupulescu since 25 March

During April XLV we also received 5 immigration applications :

  • Canberk Akhanli, from Turkey
  • Enrico Mastracchio, from the USA
  • Bruno Valdez (familiar name…), from Mexico
  • Alicia Leeka Pratx, from France
  • Chelsea Inthavong, from the USA

And the return of Vitxalmour Axhairsegol on Wittenberg!

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