La C’hronică – Fevraglh XLV / February 2024

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La C’hronică  – February 2024

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Government News

  • Final composition of the Cabinet
    The Seneschal announced on 23 February the (hopefully) final version of his Cabinet for the 59th Cosa
    Wittenberg announcement and composition of the Cabinet
  • Rekindling the Flame: Embracing the League of Secessionist States !
    The Minister of Foreign Affairs made a proposition that not only ignites the spirit of our nation but also fosters a renewed sense of unity among secessionist entities worldwide. It is time for Talossa to lead once more by championing the revival of the League of Secessionist States !
    The consultation period is open from February 18, 2024 to March 18, 2024
    Read the manifesto and give your ideas here !
  • New external communication from Ministry of Stuff in January
    In February, MinSTUFF published several messages on Facebook, Instagram, X/Twitter, LinkedIn and Reddit:
    • On 15 February, an invitation to discover our fascinating political and judiciary institutions on LinkedIn for instance
    MinSTUFF welcome all new ideas for external communication !

Provincial News

Culture News

  • 3rd El Pretz Per Tomas Poetry Contest
    Submissions have been received from 3 authors (one of them may have received some help from ChatGPT)
    discover some submissions here
  • Who will win the Talossan Chess Tournament 2024 ?
    10 players have registered to Talossan chess tournament 2024.  The first round (out of 5) was played in February, everyone still has a chance to win !
    follow the matches and encourage the competitors here !
  • A new and very niche activity has taken Talossa by storm
    License plates are being designed continuously as we speak, for all Talossan provinces and all styles of plates. Our new citizen Barclamïu will guide you in this highly technical passion.
    Discover this new kind of art here and also here and also also here

Immigration News

During February XLV we received 5 immigration applications from all parts of the world :

  • Arnaud Valenti, from France
  • Sean Graham Able, from Hong Kong
  • Ekaterina Bukharina, from Russia
  • Brooke Kamishlian, from the USA
  • Muhammad Muhammad, from Nigeria

And we welcome one new citizen : Damian Adams @Dumzadams, since 10 February

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