La C’hronică – Januar XLV / January 2024

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La C’hronică  – January 2024

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Government News

  • Some changes in the Cabinet
    Following the much regretted resignation of our previous Seneschal Bråneu Excelsio on 6 January, Distain þerxh Sant-Enogat took over and announced the new cabinet on 24 January, slightly modified 3 days after
    Wittenberg announcement and composition of the Cabinet
  • New external communication from Ministry of Stuff in January
    MinSTUFF published several messages on Facebook, Instagram, X/Twitter, LinkedIn and Reddit:
    • On 20 January, an invitation to discover our nice Province Cézembre
    • On 21 January, a reminder to watch the amazing interview by cbs58 of our Head of Home Affairs @Bentxamì Puntmasleu
    • On 27 January, an reminder on how to apply for Talossan citizenship
    All Talossan citizens are kindly invited to like, share and repost these communcations!

Provincial News

  • A new treaty over the Atlantic Ocean
    The Interprovincial Diplomatic Agreement between Vuode and Cézembre has been signed on 27 January. Each province has chosen a consulate located in the other Province, and consuls will be nominated soon.
    Read the agreement here

Culture News

  • Be a proud Talossan driver !
    Our new citizen @Barclamïu da Miéletz  presented a very nice concept for Talossan license plates. Before having these fixed to your car, check if legal in your country !
    lHave a look here
  • 3rd El Pretz Per Tomas Poetry Contest
    Contest is still open!
    Submission Guidelines: There are no restrictions as to format or length. Merely submit one poem representing what you consider your best work. Submissions can be submitted via Witt PM to @Breneir Tzaracomprada  or via email to
    Submission Deadline: 1159PM TST 29 February 2024
    discover here the Midnight Train, last year’s award winner
  • Can you cope with stress and adversity ?
    Register to Talossan chess tournament 2024.  Time format is set to 15 minutes with 10 second increment. Deadline for registering will be February 11th!
    Contact @Glüc Da Dhi or read this
  • 2023 Talossan Football League : we have a winner !
    Competition ended on 8 January, the famous “Corsairs of Cézembre” won the title for this 2023 season.
    Winning team manager þerxh, still amazed by his new skills in American Football, warmly thanks all his supporters and the organizer for this thrilling tournament.
    Wittenberg thread
  • Call for Recipes for Vol 4 of the Talossan Book of Cuisine
    Don’t forget, nice recipes are to be shared !
    Wittenberg thread

Immigration News

During January XLV we received 9 immigration applications from:

  • Emeka Iwuagwu, from Nigeria
  • Darryl W Perry, from the USA
  • Damian Adams, from the USA
  • Steven R S, from the USA
  • Noell Everhart, from the USA
  • Tate Fallcon, from England
  • Nazar, from Ukraine
  • Brody Brock, from the USA
  • Bartłomiej Mielecki, from Germany

And we welcome 2 new citizens: Jörg @Knobloch , since 15 January, and @Barclamïu da Miéletz , since 23 January.

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