La C’hronică – Zecemvar XLIV / December 2023

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La C’hronică  – December 2023

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Happy New Year 2024 to all Talossans and their loved ones !
Government News

  • Talossa on CBS! Amazing interview of the Head of Internal Affairs
    Very interesting video, including a fantastic interview of citizen @Bentxamì Puntmasleu, who shown impressive skills as a spokesperson for the Kingdom.
    Puntmasleu declared : “I’m glad it seems to be getting good reception here. I was a little worried how everyone here would take my remarks. Not that I misrepresented Talossa too badly with them, though I probably would refine my answers to some questions I was asked. In any case, its purpose is to get the word out about Talossa and I think it did that“. Yes you did !
    Wittenberg thread
    Watch the interview here!
  • Active external communication from Ministry of Stuff in December
    MinSTUFF, newly granted with communication credentials on Facebook, Instagram, X/Twitter, LinkedIn and Reddit, published several messages on these 5 social media :
    • On 7 December, an invitation to discover Talossan history and culture on our Wiki read
    • On 9 December, an invitation to join the 2023 Spaghetti Western Weekend read
    • On 12 December, an announcement for the 43rd birthday for our Treisour, el Glheþ read
    • On 19 December, an invitation to watch Bentxami’s interview on CBS58 read
    All Talossan citizens are kindly invited to like, share and repost these communcations!
  • Two citizens granted with Arms for Independence Day Honours, apply for yours also!
    The Seneschal and the Distain were granted with their Arms on the twenty-sixth day of December.
    Wittenberg thread
    Remember that all Talossans are considered to be “noble,” and so they’re entitled to petition the College of Arms to help them design their own Arms. For many of our citizens, it becomes a lifelong symbol. Stop by the Royal College of Arms board today to lodge your petition!
    College of Arms board

Culture News

  • 3rd El Pretz Per Tomas Poetry Contest
    Contest is open! Try to do better than our latest nation’s poet laureate @Carlüs Éovart Vilaçafat
    Submission Guidelines: There are no restrictions as to format or length. Merely submit one poem representing what you consider your best work. Submissions can be submitted via Witt PM to @Breneir Tzaracomprada  or via email to
    Submission Deadline: 1159PM TST 29 February 2024
    discover here the Midnight Train, last year’s award winner
  • Who will win the Talossan chess tournament 2024 ?
    Even if you suck at chess, you should try to compare your strategic skills with other Talossans. Time format is set to 15 minutes with 10 second increment. Deadline for registering will be February 11th!!!
    Contact @Glüc Da Dhi or read this
  • Development opportunities proposed by a prospective citizen ?
    A prospective citizen from Hong Kong – but with close links to Australia – has made some proposals to our Kingdom, so various and ambitious that interested citizens are advised to read the full post
    Wittenberg thread
  • A first entry in TCA Strava Group Art Challenge
    We have all noticed that this activity was the longest walk on Strava for our courageous competitor, who declared  “I did not know I was able to pay a tribute to our Talossan heritage just by moving my feet“.
    Join and discover the fun to exercise while creating amazing pieces of art! End of 1st season on March 6th (Michelangelo’s birth date).
    Wittenberg thread
    Strava page
  • 2023 Talossan Football League
    Competition is fierce in the Talossan Fantasy Football league! A team from Maritiimi-Maxhestic is now ranked 3rd place, mitigating – for a while? – the Cézembréan supremacy on this tournament.
    Wittenberg thread
  • Call for Recipes for Vol 4 of the Talossan Book of Cuisine
    You surely learn lots of nice family recipes during last holidays, share them here for the benefit of all gourmand Talossans!
    Wittenberg thread

Immigration News

Between 5 December and 19 December, due to technical problems the Ministry of Immigration was unable to receive the new immigration applications.
During December XLIV we therefore only received 7 immigration applications from:

  • Adam David Anast, from the USA
  • Daren Ashford, from Hong-Kong
  • Amin Ebrahimzadeh, from Türkiye
  • Yahav Halperin, from Israël
  • Theodore Adam Zopf, from the USA
  • Mariano Puerta Curiel, from Spain
  • Jörg Knobloch, from Germany

No new citaxhién in December.

The Minister of Immigration wants to thanks all the citizens engaging in conversation with prospective citizens. These first contacts shape their desire to join and participate to our community!

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