La C’hronicǎ Listopäts-Noemvar XLIV / October-November 2023

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La C’hronicǎ  – Listopäts-Noemvar XLIV / October-November 2023

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Government News

  • Official 59th Cosâ General Election Results
    On October 2023 elections, the TNC won 100 seats out of 200. Following the signature of an agreement with the FreeDems, a 101st vote was temporarily given to the TNC, allowing Bråneu Excelsio to become the Seneschal of Talossa for the 59th Cosa on 1 November 2023.
  • Nomination of a new Cabinet
    On November 12th, our new Seneschal has nominated the Cabinet for the 59th Cosâ
    Wittenberg thread
  • Appointment in the Bureau of Home Affairs
    Our new citizen Bentxami Puntmasleu has been appointed as Director of the Bureau of Home Affairs, tasked with addressing needs that may arise in the Greater Talossan Area.
    Wittenberg thread
  • Appointment of Permanent Secretary for Data Analytics and Visualization
    Citizen @Ian Plätschisch hqs been nominated as Permanent Secretary for Data Anayltics and Visualization. In this capacity, he is tasked with aiding in the management and improvement of the presentation of data to the populace, including but not limited to Infotecã, with the goal of better informing them about trends and interesting insights.
    Wittenberg thread
  • Update of the “Qet Paßa or What’s Happening in Talossa ?”
    For the benefit of the new citizens, MinStuff has started to update all activities listed in this useful pages, and signal items which are not active anymore. Many ideas to bring back to life !
    Wittenberg thread
  • Creation of the Kingdom of Talossa on LinkedIn
    MinSTUFF, in association with MinImm, has launched the creation of The Kingdom of Talossa on LinkedIn. Since the start, our network has tripled in size ! Come and join the expansion of this new media which will allow us to grow and shine, and create the attractiveness which will boost motivated immigration
    Wittenberg thread
    LinkedIn page

Culture News

  • 2023 Talossan Music Top 20 Results
    A nice discord session for the announcement of the most awaited-for election ! The Rolling Stones/Gimme Shelter made it this year again, but we all noticed the smashing performance from Pink Floyd / Wish you were here, which ranked #2 for its first participation
    TMT20 2023 results
  • 6th annual Spaghetti Western Weekend
    A newer annual tradition among the Cjovani. The first annual SWW was held in 2017, and has proved popular enough to be celebrated ever since. If you don’t know what to watch during this week-end, contact @Iason Taiwos !
  • Talossan Hospitality Network Continues to Grow
    It’s great to see so many Talossans across the globe willing to meet with travellers passing through their area. If this sounds fun to you, please add your name to the list!
    Wittenberg thread
  • TCA Strava Group Art Challenge Continues
    The TCA Strava Group is still looking for entries into their art contest! Try to create a beautiful picture in red lines based on your Strava activity and share it with the group!
    Wittenberg thread
    Strava page
  • 2023 Talossan Football League
    Come see how the teams are doing in The Talossan Fantasy Football league! The 3 teams from Cézembre are leading the competition as of now, reflecting a variety of different tactics, ranging from deep analysis of performances to “how the hell does that thing work?”
    Wittenberg thread
  • Call for Recipes for Vol 4 of the Talossan Book of Cuisine
    It’s time to share your cook secret talents for the benefit of all !
    Wittenberg thread

Immigration News
During October and November XLIV we received 19 immigration applications from:

  • Vitaliy Alekseevich Koretskiy
  • Muhammad Lugman Hafizi bin Sufri 
  • Antonio Ayllón Martín 
  • Luis Steven Rutter 
  • Anna Shchepina 
  • Mohammed Poovanthodi Hamza 
  • Debi Joanitis 
  • Michael William Boyle 
  • Tilda Eve 
  • Sheryl Lynn Agner 
  • Zach Fossard 
  • Mr. Mikawa 
  • Valeriy Gusev Chumakov 
  • Juan José García Salazar 
  • Mahadi Bin Salah Uddin 
  • Aidyn Basil Naugler 
  • Yanier González Amaró 
  • Murray M. Coffey
  • Sergio Flumignan

  And we welcome 3 new citaxhiéns: @Juan José García , @Sergio F and @Yanier !

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