La C´hronicǎ Setemvar XLIV / September 2023

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Government News

  • 2023 Biannual Census Results
    The Biannual census has been concluded and the results have been posted! If you want to see all the interesting demographics and data breakdowns, checkout the results here
    Wittenberg thread
  • Changes to the Scribery
    A couple of changes were made to the Scribery. First, unfortunately Royal Scribe Üc R. Tärfâ was dismissed.
    Wittenberg thread
    However, it’s not all bad news as Sir Lüc da Schir, UrB was appointed Deputy Scribe and as far as I heard, is doing a wonderful job!
    Wittenberg thread
  • Scribery Openings Available
    Speaking of the Scribery, if you would also like to be deputized as a Deputy Scribe, the Scribery is looking for you! I’m pretty sure it comes with a shiny deputy’s badge and everything, but I’ll have to double check with the Avocat-Xheneral on that one.
    Wittenberg thread
  • Talossan Embassy Established in Mexico
    The drama unfolding around the first Talossan Embassy has been palpable! A real will-they-won’t-they story… (spoiler alert: they will)
    Wittenberg thread
  • Updates to Infotecă
    Infotecă has gotten a face lift, with adjusted trendlines and graphs thanks to user feedback and domestic procrastination! Come check it out here
    Wittenberg thread
  • 59th Cosa Election
    The election for the 59th Cosa both began and ended in Setemvar. Hopefully you “rocked the vote” whatever that means!
    Polling Station: Wittenberg thread
    Discussion Thread: Wittenberg thread

Culture News

  • Fora Talossa Presents: The 59th General Election Party Debate
    Related to the 59th Cosa Election, the latest episode from Fora Talossa features one of the most friendly debates I’ve ever seen between Bråneu Excelsio and Miestră Schivă, UrN. You can check out the video here
    Wittenberg thread
  • Talossa Mentioned in Ohio Paper
    Talossa got some free press in an article of the Clevland, Ohio based paper “Scene”! (We will pretend that the most prominent picture at the head of the article does not feature The Republic of Molossia)
    The article can be found here
    Wittenberg thread
  • Cultural Activities Planning and Brainstorming
    A forum post has been created to brainstorm potential cultural activities. If you have any bright ideas please feel free to share them!
    Wittenberg thread
  • Oatly Looking for Video Participants
    Calling all oat milk lovers! Oatly the oat milk brand is looking to see if any Talossan’s would like to participate in a video they are creating. Check the Witt post for details and I will just skirt past how it’s possible to milk an oat…
    Wittenberg thread
  • Talossan Hospitality Network Continues to Grow
    It’s great to see so many Talossans across the globe willing to meet with travellers passing through their area. If this sounds fun to you, please add your name to the list!
    Wittenberg thread
  • Weird Movies
    If you like weird movies, we’ve got a whole forum post full of discussion and suggestions for you! And “The Room” has only been mentioned once (by yours truly) which tells you the kinds of connoisseurs of weird we’re blessed with in Talossa!
    Wittenberg thread
  • TCA Strava Group Art Challenge Continues
    The TCA Strava Group is still looking for entries into their art contest! Try to create a beautiful picture in red lines based on your Strava activity and share it with the group!
    Wittenberg thread
  • Music Quiz
    Our very own Glüc da Dhi S.H. has created a music quiz on Sporcle based on the songs nominated in the Talossan Music Top 20! You can find the quick here
    Wittenberg thread
  • TCAT 2023 Leg 3 Results
    The third leg of the TCAT 2023 season has finished and the results have been posted! Come see how your favorite (speedo clad) team did!
    Wittenberg thread
  • What are you playing?
    Despite apparently being alone in my interest in D&D and other table top roleplaying games (yes that single response on the census was me!), there is a greater interest in video games. If you are interested in PC or other video games, come let us know what you like!
    Wittenberg thread
  • 2023 Talossan Football League
    The Talossan Fantasy Football league is in full swing! Come see how your teams are doing or feel free to give tips, especially on how to use the ESPN fantasy league website because all it does is give me errors when I try to do anything!
    Wittenberg thread

Immigration News
During Setemvar XLIV we received 14 immigration applications from:

  • Ben Hershlim
  • Autumn Town
  • Alan Richard Dortch
  • Veer Shah
  • Sergio Flumignan
  • Quinn Anthony Weisse
  • Alan Hottel
  • Avra Wallace Cohen
  • Leslie Ann Brown
  • Andy Marko
  • Rogel Rancel Gil Andueza
  • Sheryl Lynn Agner
  • Yanier González Amaró
  • Murray M. Coffey

  And we welcome 2 new citaxhiéns: Ivan Mollov and Bentxamì Puntmasleu

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