La C´hronicǎ Gün XLIV / June 2023

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Government News

  • Citizenship Milestone Certificate Applications
    Applications were opened this month for the current government’s Citizenship Milestone Certificates. If you’ve been a citizen for 5 or more years, then you qualify to receive one of these beautiful bilingual certificates! Simply fill out the request!
       Wittenberg thread
  • Cultural Initiative Support Fund
    Do you have a project idea that would influence or expand Talossan culture!? The Ministry of Culture is offering cold hard cash to support these types of projects! Simply fill out the form and claim your piece of the pie!
       Wittenberg thread
  • New Legislation Passed in Fourth Clark
       A whopping 2 bills were passed into law during the Gün Clark:

Culture News

  • Aßociù da Futbol Talossan 2023 Season
    The 2023 Season of Futbol Talossan continues! Check out the results from the Qualification match and see how your favorite team (probably one named after a celestial body) is doing!
       Tornamaintsch dal Qualificaziun Results: Wittenberg thread
       Regular Season: Wittenberg thread
  • TCAT 2023 Leg 2 – Tour de France!
       The second leg of this year’s TCAT Season, covering the Tour de France has just begun! Let’s hope that this leg has a happier ending than the first!
       Wittenberg thread
  • Lüc’s Game Night
       Hopefully you were able to make it to Lüc’s game night on our Discord server! If not, that’s OK, hopefully this was the first of many more to come!
       Wittenberg thread
  • Take the Euro-Haxh to Cézembre!
       The Royal Tourist Office of the Island of Cézembre was officially opened this month, encouraging citaxhiéns to take the Euro-Haxh and see a beautiful piece of Talossa!
       Wittenberg thread
  • Talossan Book of Cuisine Vol 3 Preview!
       We got a preview of the third volume of the Talossan Book of Cuisine! I don’t know about you, but my mouth is watering in anticipation!
       Wittenberg thread
  • Fora Talossa: Currents Episode 2
    Currents Episode 2 presents the song Silicon(e) which is “a song from the queer estrogen-fuelled Zolo Progwave duo, Vostok Lake. One half of which is esteemed Talossan Miestră Schivă, UrN”! I had to quote it because I couldn’t have put it better myself!
       Wittenberg thread
  • 2023 ARMADA Regatta
       Join many Talossan’s from July 14-16 for the greatest tournament of Diplomacy: The ARMADA Regatta! Check out the Witt post for more details!
       Wittenberg thread

Immigration News
  During Gün XLIV we received 18 (the NEW second highest in recorded Talossan history!) immigration applications from:

  • Muslim Nabi
  • Michael H Glyn
  • Ralph Dean VanLoton Jr.
  • Abhishek Kaul
  • Jason Allan Clark
  • Joseph P Specht Jr
  • Elder Nathaniel Ndukwe
  • Kathy H. Armstrong
  • George Edward Sandler
  • Safwaan Sharief
  • Daniel Ferreira da Silva
  • Petro Storozhuk
  • Huynh Thi Mong Trinh
  • Paul Eugene Fegan
  • Alex Huynh
  • Dana Prakoso Eka Saputra
  • Samantha Stewart
  • Ahmad Mufid Marhaen

  Unfortunately we did not welcome any new citaxhiéns this month.

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