La C´hronicǎ Juliă XLIV / July 2023

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Government News

  • Seneschál announces awarding of Medals for Culture and Merit
    The Seneschál has announced the recipients of the Senechál’s Medal of Culture and the Senechál’s Medal of Merit!
    Wittenberg thread
  • Restoration of Citizenship: Erschéveþ da Schir
    To much fanfare Erschéveþ da Schir has taken the appropriate steps to restore her citaxhienità!
    Wittenberg thread
  • Bi-Annual Census
    It’s time to raise your hand and be counted! Please make sure to respond to the census which not only ensures that you keep your citaxhienità, but also helps inform the government of your skills and interests to make Talossa better for everyone!
    Wittenberg thread
    Link to Census form here
  • Preparing for the 59th Cosa General Election
    The Chancery is gearing up for the next election coming in Setemvar! Check out the Wittenberg post for details!
    Wittenberg thread
  • New Legislation Passed in Fifth Clark
       One lonely bill was passed into law during the Juliă Clark:

Culture News

  • Talossan Geocaches
    If geocaches are your thing, we’ve received word about several Talossa related geocaches! Check the link for details!
    Wittenberg thread
  • TCAT Tour 2023: Leg 2
    Check out the roller coaster ride that was TCAT 2023 Leg 2: Tour de France! Make sure you don’t miss Leg 3 coming soon!
    Second watch along: Wittenberg thread
    Leg 2 Tour de France: Wittenberg thread
  • Aßociù da Futbol Talossan — 2023 Regular Season
    The 2023 Regular Season of La Aßociù da Futbol Talossan continues! Come cheer on your team to victory!
    Wittenberg thread
  • Peculiarism vs Derivatism 2023 Epic Thread
    Do you have an opinion on Peculiarism? What about Derivitivism? Bråneu has thrown the gauntlet so come duke it out with your fellow Talossans and prove once and for all that you are the most peculiar human derivative!
    Wittenberg thread
  • ¡Nunca Voiatxa Soleu! Enxhoietz el Resteglh Internaziunal del Acöghl Talossan
    Are you willing to meet up with other Talossan citaxhiéns passing through your neck of the woods? Add your name and city to the list and join the network!
    Wittenberg thread
  • 2023 Talossan Music Top 20 [Round 1 Voting]
    The voting phase of the newest iteration of Talossan Music Top 20 is underway, so come vote for your favorites!
    Wittenberg thread
  • August 2023 Euro-Haxh, join the Talossan Expedition to Cézembre!
    A visit to our very own Cézembre is being planned for August, if you would like to join the Euro-Haxh let us know on Witt!
    Wittenberg thread
  • Founding of Talossan Pannapictagraphist Society
    A new (hopefully long lived) society was founded this month: Talossan Pannapictagraphist Society! (a.k.a. comic book collectors)
    Wittenberg thread
  • Presenting Vol. 3 of the Talossan Book of Cuisine!
    Get your appetites ready because the long anticipated third volume of the Talossan Book of Cuisine has just been released!
    Wittenberg thread
  • Talossan Journalism
    Interest in Talossan journalistic organizations is on the rise, and as Ministreu dal Cúltură I must say that I approve!
    Wittenberg thread

Immigration News
During Juliă XLIV we received 14 immigration applications from:

  • Juan Manuel Félix Guajardo
  • Shreyas Reddy
  • Muhammad Jaffer Rashid
  • Akshat Kapoor
  • David Sosa Valdes
  • Zachary Bills
  • Ash Anthony Almanza
  • Rebecca Leib
  • Thanh Phat Tsan
  • Rania Nemri
  • Kobie
  • Gerardo Becerra Victorio
  • Ilya Cherewyk
  • Gabriel Mathew Williams

  And we welcome 1 new citaxhién: A.M. Marhaen!

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