La C’hronică Avrïu XLIV / April 2023

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Government News

  • The Kingdom Donates to the white helmets
    Severe earthquakes have caused terrible devastation in Syria and Türkiye. In order to assist with local aid efforts, the Kingdom has donated 33¤20 ($50 USD) to the Syrian Civil Defence (White Helmets).
    Wittenberg thread
  • Rule Regarding judicial service in the Ziu
    After much contentious deliberation, a rule has finally been promulgated regarding members of the Judiciary also serving in the Ziu.
    Wittenberg thread
  • Seneschal announces delegation to Microcon 2023
    For the first time in several years Talossa will be represented at MicroCon! If you have the time, you should come out to see the Senechal!
    Wittenberg thread
  • Delegation of Web Administration of
    MinTech has made an official delegation of web administration for to Ieremiac’h Ventrutx. I can’t wait to see what they do with the place!
    Wittenberg thread
  • Call for Bills for the May Clark
     The bills to be voted on next month are being gathered for inclusion in the next Clark.
    Wittenberg thread

Culture News

  • “Fischia il Vento” and “Bella Ciao” Day
     In honor of Üc R. Tärfâ’s 20 edits on the Talossa wiki, the Seneschal declared 25 April 2023/XLIV, to be “Fischia il Vento” and “Bella Ciao” Day!
     Check out the thread for some beautiful Italian songs!
    Wittenberg thread
  • Talossan playing card designs revealed
    Our very own Marcel Eðo Pairescu Tafial, UrGP developed and shared a uniquely Talossan deck of playing cards!
    Wittenberg thread
  • Media Call: School of Humans podcast
    External interest in Talossa is apparently increasing with producers of the School of Humans podcast reaching out to discuss what talossa means to its citizens.
    Wittenberg thread
  • New Talossaware Store
    Come check out all of our cool Talossan Wares in our new webstore
    Every purchase helps support the Kingdom!
    Wittenberg thread
  • Talossan Book of Cuisine Vol 3 Still accepting submissions
    The third installment of the Talossan Book of Cuisine continues to accept submissions. Make sure to get yours in soon!
    Wittenberg thread
  • New Episode of Dialogues: Cosa Reform
    The second episode of the Fora Talossa series Dialogues was released! The subject this time: Cosa Reform.
    Wittenberg thread
  • TMT20 Special Edition Results Announced
    The results of the Talossa Music Top 20 are being announced. Come see where your favorites rank!
    Wittenberg thread
  • Talossan Cycling Association Tour 2023 Gearing-up
    Pun intended! Come register your team and don’t miss out on all of the excitement!
    Registration instructions are here: Wittenberg thread
    It even has its own podcast!

Immigration News

Sad News

  • THE KING v. Cauvesc Carlüs Xheraltescu
    A high profile lawsuit was filed with the court. No jokes here as it is a very serious matter.
    The Court thread is here: Wittenberg thread
    Statement from the Prime Ministers office: Wittenberg thread
    Further commentary here: Wittenberg thread
  • Death of Laura Hand Donohue
    His Royal Highness King John I announced the tragic death of Laura Hand Donohue, sister of Manus Hand (Lord Hooligan).
    Wittenberg thread
  • Ián S.G. Txaglh Renounces Citizenship
    Our final bit of sad news from Avrïu is Ián S.G. Txaglh renouncing his citizenship.
    Wittenberg thread

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