La C’hronicǎ – Martǎ XLIV / March 2023

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58th Cosa, First Clark Results
Results of the First Clark:
The Ziu approved humanitarian aid to Türkiye and Syria, approved new official symbols for the Cosa and Senats, and a new registration scheme for dandelions.

2022-2023 TMT20 Special Edition Continuing Results
Ian Plätschisch continues to unveil results in a special edition of the TMT20. Latest results are in the category of Eurovision songs. Estonian group Urban Symphony came in first place with their song Rändajad.

Toxophilite Club Virtual Shoot in May
Audrada Roibeardet, Captain of the Toxophilite (Archery) Club, has announced a possible Virtual Shoot on Saturday, May 6th. Roibeardet has also established a Discord server for the club. Please DM her on Wittenberg for a Discord invite.

Sci-Fi, Fantasy & Whiskey (or Coffee) National Watch Party
TSFFWS member Breneir Tzaracomprada is organizing a national watch party for the MST3K episode which reviews Talossan National Film (Manos and the Hands of Fate). MST3K is Talossa’s National Programme as well.

Days of Observance: Eucatastrophe Day (March 25th)
Seneschal Breneir Tzaracomprada has continued a new tradition started by former Seneschal Ian Plätschisch in awarding days of observance to those making twenty edits to TalossaWiki.    Üc R. Tärfâ, the new Deputy Scribe of Abbavilla, requested a day in honor of the word: eucatastrophe. The word was created by famed author J.R.R. Tolkien.

Patriot Points: Round Three
The Office of the Seneschal announced the return of the voluntary taxation program, Patriot Points. From the announcement: “Patriot Points are back!  They’re a way to recognize those who have contributed to our country in a very particular, monetary sense.  For every $1 USD that you donate to the Kingdom of Talossa, you will earn one Patriot Point — and you’ll go on the leaderboard!  There will be prizes for top competitors, and you’ll get the satisfaction of knowing you helped sustain your small, beloved nation.”

Local Milwaukee Reporter Looking for Talossans Willing to Chat
James Groh of Milwaukee NBC Affiliate, WTMJ, is looking for area Talossans willing to speak about the Kingdom. Get in touch with Breneir Tzaracomprada for contact information.

Immigration News
March 2023 saw three immigration applications. All were affected by the Wittpocalypse and the Ministry of Immigration reached out to each concerning those events. One applicant, John Oscar Andrews, is in the process of re-applying.

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