La C’hronicǎ – Fevraglh XLIV / February 2023

Fevraglh XLIV / February 2023
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Wittpocalypse XLIV
Due to hosting issues Wittenberg went down for approximately 48hrs. You can get more specific information, ironically, on Wittenberg:
Official Statement from the Prime Ministry:

Seneschal’s Medal of Merit Recipients Announced
In the wake of Wittpocalypse, the new Seneschal saw fit to award those brave souls who looked error logs in the eye and said “Not on my watch!”, with the Seneschal’s Medal of Merit. The highest award bestowed by the government of Talossa.

58th Cosa Election Results
The election results for the 58th Cosa came in!
View the results here:
Letter of Majority:
Watch the live state opening here:

58th Cosa, First Clark Voting Begins
Voting for the first Clark of the 58th Cosa began running through 21 Martǎ

New Fora Talossa Series: Dialogues
The first in (hopefully) a series of dialogues between Baron Alexandreu Davinescu and former Seneschal Ian Plätschisch was released. The inaugural episode of the appropriately named series Dialogues can be viewed on YouTube:

Talossan Book of Cuisine Vol 3 Opens for Submissions
Submissions for volume 3 of the cultural dynamo Talossan Book of Cuisine are now being accepted!

17 Citaxhiéns Lose Citaxhienità
Unfortunately more bad news this month, as 17 Talossan citizens have lost their citizenship due to lack of voting or responding to a census in the last 2 years.

Talossan Music Top 20 Special Edition: Final Voting
Another cultural dynamo, the Talossan Music Top 20’s most recent edition (the Special one!) had it’s finals this month!

TMT20 Special Edition Nominations: Songs Released On or After October 30, 2019
And last but not least, nominations were accepted for the next iteration of the Talossan Music Top 20: Songs Released On or After October 30, 2019!

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