La C’hronică Mai XLIV / May 2023

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Government News

  • The Rise and Fall of The Organic Law Party
       May saw the rise of the Organic Law Party.
       Wittenberg thread
       Sadly, this political party was disbanded as quickly as it was organized when its founding member Viteu resigned his citizenship because of what appears to be the catalyst for the foundation of the party in the first place.
       Wittenberg thread
  • Restoration of Citizenship: Vitxalmour Conductour
       In a turn of good news, Vitxalmour Conductour has reclaimed his citaxhienità!
       Wittenberg thread
  • Immigration Social Media Ad Campaign
       MinSTUFF and MinImm are planning to join forces and begin a social media ad campaign focused on stimulating the Kingdom’s immigration numbers even more!
       Wittenberg thread
  • Appointment of Grefieir d’Abbavilla
       Congratulations to Üc R. Tärfă, who has just been appointed as Grefieir d’Abbavilla!
       Wittenberg thread
  • New Legislation Passed in Third Clark
       Six bills were passed into law during the May Clark:
       The Cjovani Ziua Auservada Bill: Wittenberg thread
       Legal Repair Act: Wittenberg thread
       The Second Catchment Area Reform Act: Wittenberg thread
       Ün proxhet per regular els Prüms Diktats: Wittenberg thread
       Ün proxhet per inovar el CRL: Wittenberg thread
       National Skills and Social Connections Survey Act: Wittenberg thread

Culture News

  • 2023 Talossan Cycling Association Tour 2023 Leg 1
       The 2023 season of TCAT kicked off to much applause and excitement! Which, ever so slowly, mutated into the gnashing and weeping of Ghenna as day-by-day cyclist dropped like so many crumbs from a biscotti, grinding most team’s point generation to a screeching halt!
       Check out the aftermath here: Wittenberg thread
  • CENTRASEIRĂ – Giro d’Italia 2023 Episodes
       If you haven’t listened to them already (and why haven’t you??) check out Lüc and Glüc’s (or Glüc and Lüc’s) Centraseiră podcast episodes on TCAT 2023 Leg 1: To Hell and ba… I mean Giro d’Italia!
       Episode 1: Wittenberg thread
       Episode 2: Wittenberg thread
       27 May Watch Along: Wittenberg thread
  • Talossan Cycling Association Strava Group
       Yet another exciting development from this year’s TCAT season, the creation of a TCAT group on the Strava activity tracking and sharing app! (I’m a fat neckbeard so you know I had to google it, but it sounds exciting!)
       Wittenberg thread
  • Talossaware Store Expanded Shipping
       We can now cover the world with Talossaware! (with the exception of North Korea, Russia, Ukraine, and…. Guadalope?) Our apologies to any Talossans in the diaspora of those countries.
       Wittenberg thread
  • Talossa Talks: Audrada/Breneir
       Enjoy the newest installment of the series Talossa Talks between Audrada and Breneir!
       The video is on YouTube here
       Wittenberg thread
  • Pedaling for a Cause: Join the Talossan Flag Ride!
       The MinFor has started a donation drive wherein every $5 (3¤3333 aka a brock-and-a-boudreau) donated will send him peddling through Fundidora Park displaying the bicoloreu! That’s not all though, so check out the Witt post for more info!
       On a side note: Though technically unconnected, I can’t help but think that this current donation drive was influenced by the wild success of this year’s TCAT season.
       Wittenberg thread
  • Return of Aßociù da Futbol Talossan
       With the glorious return of our friend Mic’haglh Autófil, comes the new season of Futbol Talossan! This year not only sports teams (haha!) from each province, but also from several Talossan organizations! So come root for your favorite!
       Wittenberg thread
       2023 Tornamaintsch dal Qualificaziun: Wittenberg thread
  • Talossan Book of Cuisine Vol 3 Still Accepting Recipes
       The third volume of the Talossan Book of Cuisine is still collecting recipes! If you can eat it or drink it, then send it to us!
       Wittenberg thread
  • School of Humans Podcast Update
       The current Seneschal had a conversation with one of the producers of the School of Humans Podcast and will be giving a full interview during his visit to MicroCon this summer!
       Wittenberg thread

Immigration News
During Mai XLIV we received 16 (the second highest in recorded Talossan history!) immigration applications from:

  • Sandro Eduardo Luan González
  • Agustin Gino Del Basso
  • Tarun Batra
  • Kholod Evgeny
  • Szymon Семён
  • Rakhmanin Glib
  • Mack Patrick
  • Emilio Rosas Campos
  • Karl-Heinz Meintjes
  • Arynov Aryn
  • Ruban Alphonse
  • Theodosia Bennett
  • Michael Perrin
  • Tyrsson Silverwolf de Tolemac
  • Michael J Bzdawka
  • Lord Isreal Christopher Haggerty I

  And we welcome two new citaxhiéns: Naseer Ahmed and þerxh Sant-Enogat!

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