The Cosa

La Cosa


Cosa Chamber and Offices Abbavilla, Atatürk Province

The Cosa is the lower house of the Talossan Ziu. (The upper house is the Senäts.)

The Cosa consists of 200 seats, all of which are contested at each general election. In a popular vote, each citizen casts a ballot for the political party of his or her choice. Each party then assigns representatives — called “Members of the Cosa” (or “MCs”) — to hold the seats won by the party. A single MC may hold multiple seats, up to a maximum, currently 18, depending on the election turnout. MCs hold office until the next general election; general elections take place at roughly 8 to 9 -month intervals.

Seat assignments for the 51st Cosa, which will commence November 1st, 2017, will be listed below once parties have assigned their seats:

# Name Province Party Seats
? unassigned ? MRPT 83
? unassigned ? RUMP 58
? unassigned ? FreeDem 48
? unassigned ? HAT 7
? unassigned ? REP 4