The Prime Minister

La Seneschal

The forty-sixth and current Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Talossa is the Most Honourable Lüc da Schir. Da Schir was selected to serve as Prime Minister by King John two months after the 50th Cosa election, but had technically already become Seneschal one month earlier, when his predecessor, Sir Cresti Siervicül, resigned in order to allow Da Schir, who was his Distain during the 49th Cosa, to become Seneschal while the country was still waiting for the Electoral Commission to confirm the election results. Da Schirs cabinet consists of ministers from his own party, the MRPT, and the FreeDems, which together hold a majority of seats in the Cosa.

The Talossan Prime Minister recommends all governmental officers to the King for appointment and is charged with the operation of the government and administration of the laws.

The Seneschal has broad powers to act in the best interests of the Kingdom and can issue Prime Dictates (PD’s), edicts with the force of law, which are subject only to royal veto.

With his deputy and the other ministers in his Cabinet (el Cußeglh), the Prime Minister is responsible to the Cosa (the lower house of the Legislature) and can be removed from office if a Vote of Confidence, taken during every monthly legislative session (known as a Clark), fails of passage in that body.

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The Seneschal is assisted in executing the functions of His Majesty’s government by the members of his Cabinet.


Offices of the Prime Ministry,
Finance, Home Affairs, Stuff,
Imigration and Justice Ministries
Abbavilla, Atatürk Province

Kenwood House,
Traditional Residence of
the Prime Minister,
Atatürk Province