The Ministry of Culture

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La Ministrà da Cúltura

The Ministry of Culture

Contact the Minister of Culture:

Headquarters of the Ministry of Culture

Ministry of Culture Headquarters

The Ministry of Culture (La Ministrà dal Cúltura) is charged with promoting and publicizing Talossan culture, including the national language, the national pastime, its musical and sporting life and heritage, its history and mythical Berber connections, and all other cultural affairs. The Minister of Culture is sometimes known by the abbreviation “MinCult.”

The Ministry contains two bureaus to assist in this mission:

  • El Büreu del Glhetg, led by Ladintsch Naziunal.
  • The Wargames Bureau, led by the National Gamemaster.

To find out more information about this office, including information on who currently holds this office, click here to visit the relevant Wiki page.