The Ministry of Defence

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La Ministrà dal Zefençù

The Ministry of Defence

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The Ministry of Defence (Talossan: La Ministrà dal Zefençù) manages the defence of the Kingdom. It was under the purview of the Interior Ministry between 2014 and 2019 as the Bureau of Defence, but was restored to full Cabinet status at the end of the 53rd Cosa.

The Defence Minister commands the armed forces of the Kingdom during peacetime and during times of declared war, subservient in these duties only to the King. During periods of war, the Defence Minister is referred to as “War Minister”. The ministry also marshals and provides the Invincible Moral Support of the Talossan People to the good and right side of any international conflict, as determined by the government, conveying to the preferred belligerents Talossa’s proud “we would stand with you, but it’s safer to stand behind you” stance.

The Minister of Defence is sometimes known by the abbreviation “MinDef.”

The Ministry of Defence oversees the following four departments:

  • Bureau of the Navy (Büreu del Marì)
  • Zouaves of the Royal Bodyguard (Els Zuavs da l’Altahal Rexhital)
  • Office of Private Adventurers
  • Primary Intelligence Group (Grupă Primar del Säpençeu)