The Ministry of Finance

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La Ministrà dal Finançù

The Ministry of Finance

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FinanceArmsSmallThe Ministry of Finance (Ministrà dal Finançù) was established by Talossan Statute 36RZ17 (“The Cabinet Refinishing Act”). The Ministry, under the guidance of the Minister of Finance and his officers, is charged with setting and implementing the economic policies of the Kingdom, overseeing and authorizing the augmentation and investment of the Royal Treasury and all disbursements therefrom (all of which shall be executed in fact by the Burgermeister of Inland Revenue of the Royal Civil Service), and for the design, minting, printing, valuation, distribution, and redemption of all national currency, postage and commemorative items.


The Minister of Finance serves as an officer of the Cabinet, under the leadership of the Seneschal of Talossa, appointed according to the power granted by Article XII of Talossa’s Organic Law.


The Minister of Finance also serves as chair of the Royal Bank & Post, unless someone else is appointed to that position.

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