The Ministry of STUFF

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Ministrà del Sanavarh da Talossa àls Ultra-Fiovaes Folas

Contact the Minster of Stuff:

The Minister of STUFF is an Organically mandated Cabinet officer whose remit is to prepare, at the behest of the Cosa, the Seneschal, or on his own initiative, informative texts about the Kingdom of Talossa.

This is further specified by El Lexhatx D. 2.10, which states that:

“The Minister of Stuff, heading the Ministry of Stuff, which shall be responsible for the promotion of the Kingdom through public relations. The Ministrà del Sanavar da Talossa al Ultra-Fiôvân Folâs (Ministry of Stuff) shall dutifully ensure that the Kingdom and events therein are regularly publicized in any and all worldwide media, and shall produce and circulate on a regular basis a national publication for internal and external promotion of all things Talossan.
2.10.1. A national radio and television network for Talossans, called “RTV” (Regipäts Televiziun), is also under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Stuff. (CURRENTLY DEFUNCT)
2.10.2. The Minister of Stuff may from time to time appoint or dismiss “Social Media Ambassadors”, with the power and responsibility to promote Talossa on one or several named website, forum or social media service.
2.10.3. As part of their duties as described in D.2.10 above, the Ministry of Stuff shall be responsible for the content of the publicly-readable Internet presence of the Kingdom, excluding those websites under the jurisdiction of other entities of the Kingdom as described in El Lexhátx A.20 or elsewhere in El Lexhátx. They shall be directly responsible for the content of one or more websites named as the ‘official’ website(s) of the Kingdom, and ensuring the availability for all Talossans of the following: a) the records of the Scribery as described in C.1.2; b) up-to-date information on the personnel of all Government, Royal Household, Civil Service and Chancery office-holders.”

A further, unnamed directive emphasizes that “The Minister of Stuff knows the gate. The Minister of Stuff is the gate. The Minister of Stuff is the key and guardian of the gate. Past, present, future, all are one in the Minister of Stuff. He knows where the Old Ones broke through of old, and where They shall break through again. He knows where They have trod earth’s fields, and where They still tread them, and why no one can behold Them as They tread.”

Offices and Bureaus within the Ministry of STUFF:

    • Minister of STUFF
    • The Bureau of Social Publicity Administration and Management (or, Bureau of SPAM) is responsible for the maintenance of Talossa’s various social media presences
    • The National Upkeep and Maintenance Bureau (NUMB) is responsible for updating 
    • The Talossaware Czar is responsible for the design and sale of Talossa related items 

To find out more information about this office, including information on who currently holds this office, click here to visit the relevant Wiki page.