Performing Arts

Talossa’s traditions in the performing arts go (mythically) back to the days of our (mythical) Berber forebears, to whom we credit the invention of just about everything good and noble and fun. For example….

It is well known that the Berbers invented football, and that all forms of football played around the world descend from the Berber original. Talossan Football is the most pure form of the original.

It is well known that the Berbers invented opera, and that all opera around the world today descends from the Berber originals. Talossa is proud to support not one but two Royal Opera companies. The first of these, performing lighter operatic fare, is the Royal Opera (RO). Its brother company, bringing the joy of music to audiences in Talossa’s Antarctic territory, is the Royal Pengöpäts Heavy Opera Company (RPHOC).

It is well known that the Berbers invented football and opera at the same time, because these two performing art forms were originally one and the same. Keeping this tradition alive, the Royal Opera (RO) partners with the Talossan Football League (TFL) as the ROTFL. At annual ROTFL events (TFL games with orchestral accompaniment by the RO), Talossans enjoy full performances of authentic Berber Football, as true to the original as possible, with performances of a complete operatic act at each football intermission by the players.

In fact, the first ROTFL performance was the saga of the loves and losses of Berber football and opera performers in medieval Spain. This original opera, written in the Talossan language, is entitled El Taloçáit d’Isiviglhâ (The Berber of Seville).

It is well known that the Berbers invented literature. In Talossa, the grand literary tradition is kept up by active writers, working in many different languages, notably English and Talossan.

It is well known that the Berbers invented race car driving. Talossa’s love for the fastest performing art extends to the annual Ice Flats 200, a popular (mythical) race on one of NASCAR’s (mythical) junior circuits held annually on the frozen surface of our Antarctic territory.

Talossans are involved in a great many other performing arts, especially if you count Fantasy Football Leagues, Fantasy Baseball Leagues, Fantasy NASCAR Leagues, and things like that, all of which find their participants from among our citizens on the Kingdom’s online forums.