The Royal Civil Service

Royal Civil Service Offices,  Abbavilla, Atatürk Province

The Royal Civil Service is a branch of State that deals with administrative duties that are non-political and non-partisan in nature. Office bearers within the Civil Service retain their positions between changes of Government and may only be dismissed for cause. The Royal Civil Service supplanted the Royal Household in 2018.

The Royal Civil Service is composed of a number of statutory offices as well as a number of Permanent Secretaries who lead offices within the various Cabinet ministries.

Statutory Offices of the Civil Service

• La Cantzelería (The Chancery)

The Offices of the Chancery,
Abbavilla, Atatürk Province

The Chancery is easily the most important of the offices of state, as it administers elections, oversees the operation of the Ziu, conducts the census, maintains the National Database, receives and acts upon most petitions made to the Crown and issues royal grants under the Lesser State Seal, which includes the granting of citizenship.

The Chancery is headed by the Secretar d’Estat (Secretary of State). The position of Secretary of State is widely regarded as the most onerous in Talossa, and many of Talossa’s most important figures have served as Secretary of State, including King John before his election to the throne.

• El Fisc Rexhital (The Royal Treasury)

The Royal Treasury is responsible for the custody and safekeeping of the Kingdom’s treasury funds and is charged to act as directed by the government to invest and disburse funds from the treasury as provided for by law. The Treasury is headed by The Citánal dels Revenuns Internais (Burgermeister of Inland Revenue), also known as l’Econom Rexhital (the Royal Treasurer).

• La Scriuería (The Scribery)

The Scribery of Abbavilla is officially charged with the maintenance of Talossan Organic and Statutory Law. It is headed by the Scribe of Abbavilla.

• El Müstair Rexhital (The Royal Archives)

The Royal Archives is responsible for the custodianship of the regalia and historical artifacts of the nation and also for displaying the same in the online Royal Museum and Institute of Antiquities. The Royal Archives are maintained by the Müstaireir Naziunal (National Archivist).

• Società Rhexhital (Royal Society)

The Royal Society for the Advancement of Knowledge is charged with providing educational opportunities and recognising achievement in academic studies, research, and accomplishments.

Permanent Secretaries

Permanent Secretaries are members of the Royal Civil Service who lead offices within the various Cabinet ministries. These offices are not set into law; rather, the relevant Minister appoints these office bearers after negotiating an ad-hoc contract. Permanent Secretaries continue in their roles between changes of government and carry out their duties in a non-political and non-partisan fashion. Their job is to carry out the administrative tasks associated with their Ministry as per the policies set by government Ministers. Permanent Secretaries are appointed to indefinite terms, but their offices are abolished upon becoming vacant. The current list of Permanent Secretaries is as follows:

• Permanent Secretary of Immigration

The Permanent Secretary of immigration is an office within the Ministry of the Interior and is responsible for managing the administrative tasks related to immigration.

• Permanent Secretary of Webmonkey Business and NUMBSkullery

The Permanent Secretary of Webmonkey Business and NUMBSkullery is tasked with assisting the Minister of Stuff in handling the maintenance of the Kingdom’s websites.

Other Offices of State

• Avocatür Naziunal (National Bar)

The National Bar of Talossa supervises the practice of law in Talossa. Any person wishing to practise law as a barrister, solicitor, lawyer or attorney must be a member of the National Bar of Talossa. The Bar is also in charge of legal education and certification. The Bar is headed by the Chancellor of the National Bar of Talossa. The Bar is headed by the Chancellor of the National Bar of Talossa.

• El Coletx d’Armeux (The College of Arms)

The College of Arms maintains the heraldic armorial of the Kingdom, assists petitioners for arms in designing and obtaining arms from the Crown, and determines protocols of state and for peers and knights of the realm. The College grants and registers all heraldic arms for the Kingdom and serves as the Kingdom’s ultimate authority in matters of state ceremony, protocol, precedence, titles of nobility and honour, pedigree, knighthoods, and other important related matters. The Squirrel King of Arms oversees the College of Arms with the Dean of the College.

• Metrefieir Laureat (Poet Laureate)

The Poet Laureate is charged with the composition of poetic verse concerning Talossan public matters.