The Scribery

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La Scriueria d’Abbavilla

The Scribery of Abbavilla

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Duties of the Scribery

Deveirs dal Scriueria

  • The Scribe of Abbavilla is charged with the maintenance of the ongoing records of Talossan Organic Law. Whenever the Organic Law is amended, changed or replaced by a new constitution, the Scribe amends the official written copies of the Organic Law. An electronic copy is made available to all citizens, which is currently stored and maintained by the Scribery on a protected page on TalossaWiki. In addition, two hard copies of the full, in-force legal instrument are created by the Scribe, with one being sent to the National Archives and one being sent to the Monarch.
  • The Scribe of Abbavilla is responsible for the codification of all statutory law governing His Majesty’s Realm, as mandated by The Codification Act. The Scribe modifies any and all statutes as directed by all acts of the Ziu which amend, repeal or expunge existing legislation, while maintaining for historical purposes the original text of all modified statutes.
  • The Scribe sees to it that the text of all legislation enacted by the Ziu and of all Prime Dictates, including all memorials and other ephemeral resolutions, are rigorously and accurately recorded and catalogued in a set of statutes accessible by all Talossans.

History of the Scribery

Þistoria dal Scriueria

The Srcibery was created by a Prime Dictate issued on 4 July 2002 by Seneschal Gödafrïeu Válcadác’h, and was tasked with the responsibility of the authoritative recording, care, and maintenance of the Organic Law of His Majesty’s Kingdom. The post of Scribe of Abbavilla was first held by Davïu Foctéir, who resigned the position on 9 October 2002, at which time the title and duties were taken up by the sitting Prime Minister, the Right Honourable S:reu Válcadác’h. Some two months later, on 13 December 2002, the post was awarded to Sir Chirisch Cavéir, and its duties in service of the Royal House were formalized and expanded. OnIndependence Day 2003, the fourth Scribe of Abbavilla, Martì-Paìr Furxhéir, was appointed. S:reu Furxhéir served ably until the appointment of Marc Moisan. S:reu Moisan’s contributions to the history of the Scribery are too numerous and significant to properly recount in limited space. Under his guidance, the Scribery began to compile a library of Talossan statutory law, and to act as the custodian thereto. The sixth Scribe of Abbavilla, Ma la Mha, with the Kingdom as a whole, acknowledged an eternal debt to S:reu Moisan for the state of the Scribery at the conclusion of his service.After restoring public access to the Organic Law (which had unfortunately been lost owing to turmoil in the Kingdom that affected its Web presence), the sixth Scribe of Abbavilla undertook the creation of a complete online set of statutes for the Kingdom. Authorized Talossans (the Justices of the Uppermost Cort, the Secretary of State, the Attorney-General, and Members of the Royal Talossan Bar) also have access to an online Law Library, created by the Scribery, which allows for easier research into the acts of Talossan law.When la Mha became Seneschal in 2007, Olaf Brainerd was appointed to serve as Grefeir d’Abbavilla. He was succeeded by the eighth Scribe, Dréu Gavárþic’h in late 2009, then by the ninth Scribe Martì Prevuost, in mid-2011. Prevuost was forced to abandon the post in early 2012 after successfully beginning a program of adding “Scribe’s Notes” to the statutes. He was succeeded by Vitxalmour Conductour, who served until 2 Apr 2014/XXXV. M.T. Patritz da Biondeu was appointed to the position on 4 Sept 2014/XXXV.

M.T. Patritz da Biondeu announced on 11 Dec 2015/XXXVI that all Deputies of the Scribery were released from their positions. In addition he had announced the Scribery would begin to preserve debates regarding bills and offer paper copies of the El Lexhatx, bills, and debates for purchase.

Dr. Txec dal Nordselvă replaced S:reu da Biondeu as Scribe when the latter renounced his citizenship.