Armorial of the Kingdom

Armourial del Regipäts

The College of Arms registers all arms and banners recognized by the Kingdom of Talossa, and catalogs them here in the Armorial. These are divided into the following seven categories:

  1. Flags of the Realm – banners identifying the Kingdom and its subdivisions.
  2. Arms of the State – arms identifying the royal house, realm, offices, and officers.
  3. Arms of the Government – corporate arms identifying the government ministries, bureaus, and offices.
  4. Arms of the Nobility – arms pertaining to members of the Talossan nobility
  5. Arms of the Knights of the Realm – arms pertaining to members of the Royal Orders
  6. Arms of the Gentry – arms identifying members the Talossan gentry (such arms are obtainable by the citizenry at large).
  7. Abandoned Arms of the Kingdom – arms granted to subjects of the King of Talossa and later returned.
  8. Non-Talossan Arms – arms recognized by the College identifying non-Talossan persons, nations, and other entities.

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