Arms of the State

Armeux del Regipäts

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The arms of the Regency and of the Officers of the Royal Household
are officially conferred by the College of Arms.

Greater State Arms
Consisting of the Lesser State Arms crested and adorned by:
SUPPORTERS: Two Talossan Squirrels Proper standing upon a Ribbon Argent fimbriated at the chief Vert and at the base Gules bearing the motto ‘Miehen Huone on Hänen Valtakunta’ (“A Man’s Room Is His Kingdom”)
Lesser State Arms
ARMS: Argent the Chinese Character ‘Ben’ Sable.
MANTLING: An Annulet Azure fimbriated Or bearing the words ‘Regipäts Talossán Kingdom * 26.12.1979 *’ Or.
CREST: A Royal Crown Proper.
The Royal Arms
ARMS: Quarterly, 1 and 4 argent the Chinese glyph Ben sable, 2 and 3 per fess azure and vert, a wolf salient argent armed and langued gules, and in sinister chief a rose argent charged with a heart gules.
Lesser State Seal
This seal is applied by the Chancery to give royal effect to documents issued by that office of the Royal Household.BLAZON: On a lateral vexillum argent the Chinese character ‘Ben’ and a tierce to dexter gules.
The Regency
ARMS: Per pale vert and gules a lion rampant or winged and maintaining a sceptre argent and in dexter chief a royal crown proper.
(Note that in times when no Regent is installed, the arms are debruised by a bendlet sinister sable overall.)
The College of Arms
ARMS: Per fess vert and gules two heraldic trumpets in saltire or.

The Royal Archives
(Arms design pending)

The Chancery
(Arms design pending)

The Scribery of Abbavilla
(Arms design pending)
The Royal Treasury
ARMS: Per saltire gules and vert an inescutcheon counterchanged charged with an inescutcheon or, a bordure counterchanged.

The Royal Talossan Bar
(Arms design pending)

The University of Talossa
(Arms design pending)
The Civil Service
ARMS: Per fess gules and vert a lion dormant or armed argent.