Permanent Secretaries

Permanent Secretaries are members of the Royal Civil Service who lead offices within the various Cabinet ministries. These offices are not set into law; rather, the relevant Minister appoints these office bearers after negotiating an ad-hoc contract. Permanent Secretaries continue in their roles between changes of government and carry out their duties in a non-political and non-partisan fashion. Their job is to carry out the administrative tasks associated with their Ministry as per the policies set by government Ministers. Permanent Secretaries are appointed to indefinite terms, but their offices are abolished upon becoming vacant. The current list of Permanent Secretaries is as follows:

• Permanent Secretary of Immigration

The Permanent Secretary of immigration is an office within the Ministry of the Interior and is responsible for managing the administrative tasks related to immigration.

• Permanent Secretary of Webmonkey Business and NUMBSkullery

The Permanent Secretary of Webmonkey Business and NUMBSkullery is tasked with assisting the Minister of Stuff in handling the maintenance of the Kingdom’s websites.