The Chancery

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La Cantzelería

The Chancery

Contact the Secretary of State:

The main duties of the Chancery include:

  • The compilation and publication of the monthly Clark, the legislative journal of the Ziu. (Each issue of the Clark is in two parts; the first part reports the results of the previous month’s voting, while the second part presents the Bills currently before the Ziu.)
  • The conduct of national elections; certifying and reporting on election results.
  • Maintenance of the master list of citizens, including voter registration information.
  • Assisting with the immigration of new citizens.
  • Giving new citizens their provincial assignments, according to applicable law.
  • Registration of political parties.
  • Official communications between the national government and the political parties.
  • Maintaining official membership lists and seat assignments of the Cosa and the Senäts.
  • … and other similar functions.

The Clark and General Elections

The votes on all proposed legislation, as taken in the Ziu, are recorded in a legislative journal called The Clark, which, as required by law, is published by the Secretary of State each month that the Ziu is in session. All of the Clarks since the 6th Cosa are available in the Digest of Laws, and a calendar of all Clarks and General Elections can be found here