The Royal Archives

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El Müstair Rexhital

The Royal Archives

Contact the Archivist:

About the Royal Archives

  • The Talossan Statutory Law, 35RZ24, The Royal Household Cleaning Act, specifies that among the Royal Offices of the Royal Household, the Royal Archives is to preserve and make available the Historical Artifacts and Information about the Kingdom in Museums and Other Venues so they are easily accessible to the Citizens of the Kingdom.
  • The Royal Archives is headed by the National Archivist (Royal Archivist), who is appointed by the King on the advice of the Seneschal. The Archivist is responsible for maintaining and administering the Archives on behalf of the Kingdom and the King.

Duties of the Royal Archives

The Main Duties of the Royal Archives include:

  • Maintaining and storing safely and securely the Royal Archives on behalf of the King.
  • Custodianship of the regalia and historical artifacts of the nation.
  • Displaying the Royal Archives in a Public, Accessible place for all citizens in the Royal Museum and Institute of Antiquities and Other Venues.
  • To gather, compile & record Archives on behalf of the Crown & Kingdom
  • To undertake research on Behalf of the Crown or on request of a Citizen into the History of the Kingdom or regarding the archives and issue them with the information sought.
  • To Maintain and Assemble an Accurate Detailed Historic Account and Timeline of the Kingdom.
  • To Carry out all other historical and archival duties & duties requested by the King or Ziu.
  • To Preserve public and non-public records with enduring value for use by the public and the State.
  • To collect non-public records with enduring value of national significance which cannot be more appropriately preserved by another institution, with due regard to the need to document aspects of the nation’s experience neglected by archives repositories in the past.
  • To maintain a national automated archival information retrieval system.
  • To maintain national registers of non-public records with enduring value, and promote co-operation and co-ordination between institutions having custody of such records.
  • To assist, support, set standards for and provide professional guidelines to archives services.
  • To promote an awareness of archives and records management, and encourage archival and records management activities.
  • To generally promote the preservation and use of a Royal archival heritage.

Powers and duties of the Royal Archivist

The Royal Archivist shall:

  • Take such measures as are necessary to arrange, describe and retrieve records.
  • Provide information, consultation, research and other services related to records.
  • Make known information concerning records by means such as publications, exhibitions and the lending of records.
  • Require of a person who has made use of records in the custody of the Royal Archives while researching a publication or dissertation to furnish a copy of the publication or dissertation to the Royal Archives.
  • Generally, take such other steps and perform such other acts as may be necessary for or conducive to the achievement of the objects of the Royal Archives.
  • Provide training in archival techniques and the management of records.
  • Co-operate with organisations interested in archival matters or the management of records.
  • Provide professional and technical support in aid of archival activities and the archival community.

How to request information from the Archives

If you wish to request information from the Archives or cannot find what you are looking for on the Website, then you can contact the Archivist by sending him a e-mail, stating clearly what information or details you require, to or post your request, also stating clearly what information you require on Wittenberg.

How you can help

The Archives is always on the lookout for any historical item, information, or artefact that relates to the Kingdom. If you have or have found an idem for the Archives, Please Submit it to the Archives. You can assist the Archives on its current Projects by aiding the Archivist in his research or by supplying him with documents/artefacts/information that will help with this project to the Royal Archivist.

This is a project of the Kingdom of Talossa Royal Archives. All inquiries related to this or other Royal Archives projects should be directed to