Statutory Law

Statutory Law

Statutes are the laws of the Kingdom and are passed by the Ziu.  Statutes are subject to the provisions of the Organic Law.

In 2014, all statutes were combined to form el Lexhatx; the comprehensive law code of the Kingdom.  It is composed of 12 titles, each of which contains laws about a certain topic:

  • Title A – General Crime
  • Title B – Elections
  • Title C – The Royal Civil Service
  • Title D – The Government
  • Title E – Immigration
  • Title F – Culture
  • Title G – Justice
  • Title H – Legislation
  • Title I – Military
  • Title J – Telecomuna (re: the Kingdom’s internet forum boards)
  • Title K – Territorial Subdivisions
  • Title L – Laws Supplementing Article III of the Organic Law
  • Title Z –Validity of el Lexhatx

Since the passage of el Lexhatx, all statutes passed by the Ziu have amended el Lexhatx rather than enact standalone legislation.

Text of el Lexhatx (Statutory Law)

Below is a reference copy of el Lexhatx.

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