Survey 2020

Question 1: How often do you check the Wittenberg discussion forum?

Question 2: Over the last 5 years, has the amount of time you spend on Talossa increased, decreased or stayed the same?

Question 3: If the time you spend on Talossa has decreased over the past 5 years, what reasons would you give for that?

  • My work-life balance.
  • I can no longer find the forum.
  • Perceived lack of things to do, or ways to get involved. I work in government in real life, so I have no real desire to get involved in the political side of Talossa, and the cultural side of things (at least in the past) has been lacking.
  • Politics in my home nation (USA) is overwhelming to me, and it’s really hard to invest my time and energy into another. Also, when I last spent a lot of time on Witt, there was a whole lot of arguing and just not much fun. Hope it’s better now.
  • Current leadership.
  • Changes in my private life.
  • More than full-time employment
  • Daily chores, having kids, fnancial struggles and so on.
  • It has become less interesting. I am no longer sure what Talossa is “”about”” – are we a true nation, or just the remnants of one person’s childhood/teenage friendships? Also I have become older (physically) – I am 75 years old.
  • Too much politics and personal interests rather than fun and a united kingdom …. email system is not working properly so no more alerts & news received
  • I spent the bulk of the past 5 years busy in university.
  • The interaction between people and groups is somewhere between a soap opera and pro wrestling. It’s like a group of children decided that they could establish and maintain a society, except they remained as daft and petty as always.
  • Have other more import things to do.
  • Personal stuff.
  • Rudeness, incivility, intolerance of opinions that are not far left.
  • Busy with college.
  • The political situation in my country is so dire that a lot of my energy has gone into fighting that. Plus, I became a parent and had a major operation.
  • Too much politics, less types of other discussion.
  • I am waiting for something interesting to happen, instead of sporadic administrative or political bumph.
  • Politics getting less diverse and interesting, decreasing activity, exhaustion with the never ending stream of destructive “”reforms””, other people leaving or becoming less active, outside factors.
  • Lack of civility, lack of activity.
  • I’ve simply lost interest in it. I’m happy to support people who are there, but the language and the political role-play no longer interest me.

Question 4: Do you think that more interaction between Talossans should take place off Wittenberg?

Question 5: Which of the following options would you be interested in seeing more of in regards to Talossan interaction?

Question 6: When prospective citizens apply for citizenship, do you greet them, ask them questions about themselves or otherwise engage with them during their immigration period?

Question 7: Please give any more detail about your answer to the previous question, including what could be done to encourage you to engage with prospective citizens more, if anything.

  • That’s on me and not the systems in place. I’m so busy with [redacted for privacy] stuff, I rarely think on anything else.
  • I don’t have a Witt account. There is no way I am going into that snake pit for the foreseeable future. While people have an absolute right to speak their minds and be total pricks, carrying grudges for decades and carping at each other any time the opportunity presents itself, I have an absolute right to decide what’s fun for me and what’s not. Life has enough negativity without going to Witt to absorb some extra.
  • Basically most new citizens don’t say anything interesting in their immigration applications, so I honestly don’t care whether they join up or not.
  • Receiving notifications on new threads and comments.
  • I am not the best representative of Talossa. 🙁
  • New citizen mentoring in a specific topic area, virtual tours of provinces and citizens or elected officials of that province.
  • I would make them feel more comfortable in the forum.
  • If they’re getting more engaged in “”average”” discussion, one might meet them there.
  • I’m happy to email back and forth with prospectives, like a pen-pal kind of thing, but my participation in Talossa takes me in a different direction than the immigration board.
  • Immigration forum is weird. I don’t like “”interviewing”” new ppl. Just have them use Witt properly from day 1.
  • We can start online game like speech eassy (sic) drawing and many more.
  • Being a strange animal, I often do not know what to ask, cos in majority of cases we do not overlap in interests with applicant.
  • I rarely interact with prospectives because until I know then – or they say/show something interesting – there is little I can do except pass the time of day. “”What is your favourite colour”” is a reasonable but boring question: “”why is that your favourite colour”” is more interesting. If I were allowed to ask “”what kind of punishment should the rest of the world be permitted to inflict upon Tr*mp?”” then I would be much more inclined to engage.
  • I regretfully usually only greet and engage with prospective citizens if they seem to share an interest with me, or are relatively close to me, geographically.
  • If an alert would be sent, I could log in and greet the new comer.
  • I am not proactively checking wittenberg to see every 10 mn what is going on.
  • I suggest one mobile application should be used like whatsapp and groups should be formed like citizens of Talossa, govt members, parties groups and service provider groups. These groups will motivate our citizens for engage and quickly know new developments.
  • If I did engage, it would be to warn them away.
  • I just need to remember to visit the Immigration forum.
  • I’ve been a TALOSSAssistant for 5 citizens, but none in the last 2 years.
  • I would not engage with prospective citizens until I myself engage again.
  • I try to, but it seems I always engage the ones who don’t really go anywhere.
  • What curious accomplishments or forgotten lore can prospective citizens claim? (For example, I have taught a cat to say “”woof””, and have invented mocha tea.)
  • I’d like to improve my engagement in the community.
  • No.
  • Not sure, though Id advise bringing back Talossassistants.
  • If being on Witt were less unpleasant in general I’d be around to greet prospective more.

Question 8: Do you think that Talossa as a nation and a community is healthier, less healthy, or about the same as it was a year ago? (By “healthy” we mean enjoyable and attractive to participate in).

Question 9: Which of the following would increase your interest in learning/using the Talossan language?

Question 10: Do you think Talossa would beneft from a fully rewritten new Organic Law?

Question 11: Does the current level of impoliteness/nastiness in Talossan conversations discourage you from participating?

Question 12: Do you have any other comments on Talossa, or suggestions on what could be done to improve citizen involvement?

  • We must do live video chats periodically.
  • Any political party that doesn’t send out e-mailed platform descriptions is too stupid to deserve any votes. Still, some don’t bother. Of course, I’ve long been on the RUMP’s “”never contact”” list, so maybe they just aren’t sending them to me. Whatever.
  • Talossa is healthier than it’s been in a long while, with fresh faces, cultural as well as political conversations, and a real sense that there is something at stake at the moment.
  • Nothing else, I love being Talossan and I wish I can do more.
  • I answered “”yes”” to the nastiness being discouraging, but tbh I can’t say how it is lately. That’s just what turned me away earlier.
  • A monarchy is part of the tradition of Talossa and should be preserved.
  • That the forum doesn’t have to be hidden.
  • An increasing activity level may stimulate even more activity.
  • It’s really up to everyone to get involved. Lurking on the sidelines is only the fault of the lurker.
  • We should start online game like speech drawing singing song and many more.
  • Physically meeting citizens and unambiguous physical manifestation of Talossa would be better for stability of Talossa, but it is difficult once majority of citizens can hardly meet offline and while Talossa is too bound to urban space fully occupied by non-Talossan activities.
  • There is some argument in saying that we should be (a) allowed to be even more impolite, and (b) at the same time to be held to task to apologise publicly. And politics, by itself, is not fun. The music quiz is fun, but you have to wade through so much cr*p to get to it that I (personally) rarely take part. The university/college is very attractive to me – but, again, too thin in its presentations. I suppose that we need more citizens to make everything more interesting and varied – but we won’t get more citizens until it *is* more interesting and varied… Catch 22.
  • Not really. Most of the ideas I come up with are usually ignored.
  • Since some republicans joined , the ambiance has changed and the permanent challenging of the royalty is unacceptable.
  • Wechat or Whatsapp application should be used to form different groups of Talossans which can motivate our citizens for knowing about developments and will engage us.
  • I would suggest more interactive conversations and discussions especially through video chat and/or live-streaming.
  • It’s only out of occasional morbid curiosity that I read from the site now and again. I always hold faint hope that perhaps it’s become a nicer place. Instead, I’m reminded why I found more fulfilling memberships.
  • Not really. Talossa is an amazing place filled with amazing people.
  • No.
  • Folks can stop pissing and moaning that the government isn’t doing enough to entertain them, take some initiative, and do something themselves.
  • Surrealist humour, and harmless group pranks as a charitable public activity.
  • Social media is always a moving target, but perhaps it would be fun and an icebreaker for citizens to share pictures (I was thinking of landscape/nature) from their personal corner of Talossa using hashtags on Instagram.
  • Fuck [a particular citizen].
  • Making government discussions public would probably be a good thing.
  • Less contempt for citizens who have differing opinions.