The Talossan Realm

El Reic’h Talossan

Anyone can be a Talossan. No matter where you live.


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Click on the map above to visit the seven Provinces in the Greater Talossan Area.

Talossa has grown beyond the Greater Talossan Area and counts an eighth province, Cézembre, an island off the coast of the nation of France.  

And no one should forget the Kingdom’s southern holding, the Pengöpäts Antarctic Territory.

The Kingdom is bounded on the west, north and south by the United States of America (specifically the City of Milwaukee and its suburbs) and on the east by La Mar Talossan (the Talossan Sea, also known in English as Lake Michigan), having grown considerably from the original bedroom in 1982-3 to encompass the East Side of Milwaukee (formal territorial claim).

These claims have never been officially disputed by the U.S. Government, so obviously they have no complaints. Population in the Greater Talossan Area is divided between citizens who can participate in the political process, and over 43,000 Cestours (U.S. “natives,” living within the territorial limits of Greater Talossa) who cannot.

Most Talossans today are “Cybercits,” who reside outside the country and who, at the time of immigration, are assigned citizenship in one of the eight Provinces that constitute Greater Talossa. Those Talossan Citizens who actually live in and around Talossa proper are known as “Old Growth Talossans,” but due to the number of Cybercits, Old Growth Talossans are now a minority of the Talossan citizenry. Talossan citizens reside as far away as the U.K., British Columbia, Argentina, Brazil, Italy, France, Nova Scotia, and Nigeria; all citizens have equal rights. The capital of Talossa is Abbavilla.
TalossaFrom23400FtMetropolitan Talossa from 23,400 feet
campus3The University of Talossa
(Main Campus)
Abbavilla, Atatürk Province