Benvenescu àð Atatürk!

Atatürk Province is the Kingdom of Talossa’s northernmost province. It is bordered to the north by the United States, to the west by the river Manáweg (the Milwaukee River), to the east by the Már Talossán (the Talossan Sea, i.e. Lake Michigan), to the southwest by Benito Province and to the southeast by Vuode province. It is named after the great Turkish leader Mustafa Kemâl Atatürk, a one-time hero of King Robert I and one of the most important historical figures of the twentieth century.

Facts and figures:

  • Capital: Puerto Josh
  • Area: 1.824 sq. km. (0.704 sq. mi.)
  • Official abbreviation: KA
  • Cantons: Abbavilla, Flúviâ-Montevûdio
  • Talossan province since: 17 March, 1982/III
  • Provincial anthem: _stiklal Mar_ı (national anthem of Turkey)
  • Provincial motto: “Ne mutlu Talossalıyım diyene” (“What joy to he/she who says ‘I am a Talossan’”). The motto is an adaptation of one of Kemâl Atatürk’s most famous sayings, “Ne mutlu Türküm diyene” (“What joy to he who says ‘I am a Türk’”).
  • Official language: Talossan
  • Other languages: Talossan English is the language in widest daily use throughout the province. The study and use of Turkish is encouraged for its historical and cultural significance. General North American English and French are tolerated as necessary evils that nothing can really be done about.
  • Citizens are called: “Atatürkers” or “Atatürkeys”.

Early history :

The initial annexation of the territory which was to become Atatürk Province took place on 17 March, 1982, making it Talossa’s second province. It was proclaimed “Kemâl Atatürk State”. Within a year, a series of further annexations had brought its entire present territory, which is home to 6 Talossan citizens and over 6,000 Cestoûrs, into Talossan hands. The province has undergone several name changes and provincial border shifts; it acquired its present size and shape in July, 1985, except for the section known as the “Talossan Capital Territory” (Abbavilla was the nation’s capital at that time) which returned to Atatürkian control in August, 1991. In February, 1994, the national capital was moved to Electrabase, but it was moved back to Abbavilla with the adoption of the new Organic Law in 1997.


Atatürk is Talossa’s most northern province, bounded on the north by the United States, on the east by La Már Talossan, on the west by the Milwaukee River, and on the south by the Benito and Vuode provinces. The province is divided into two Cantons: Fluvia-Montevudio on the west and Abbavilla on the east.


The provincial legislative is formed by the House of Commons. The current Başbakan (head of government) is Brad Holmes. Atatürk is represented in the Senate by Sevastain Pinatsch, who was elected during the general elections for the 50th Cosa. The position of Cunstaval in Atatürk is currently vacant.


provincial map

history of the province. (Up to 2002, written by Tomás Gariçéir)


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