Welcome to Benito Province!

Benvenescu àl Provinçù Benito!

(Formerly known as Mussolini Province)

And one of the few provinces maintaining its own Website where its citizens gather and talk, or visit and stay silent. (However, the website has not been updated for a long time.)

Hey. Don’t be scared by our name. We’re actually one of the seven or eight nicest and friendliest provinces in Talossa! For example, we were the first province to put a map of our province on the Internet. Would you expect that from a province that wasn’t nice? Of course you wouldn’t. Would you? You sure wouldn’t. You better not. We mean it. You really better not. Seriously.

Benito has a bicameral legislature, the legislative chancellery, consisting of the directly elected assembly, and the unelected senate.

The head of government in Benito is titled Maestro. The current Maestro is Cresti Françell.

King John is represented in Benito by the Vicere (Cunstaval), currently Ieremiac’h Ventrutx.

Benito is represented in the Senate by Lüc da Schir, who was last re-elected during the general elections for the 50th Cosa. His term will last untill the elections for the 52nd Cosa.

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