¡Viva la Florencia!

Florencia, “the nacho-shaped province”, home of the pride of the nation when it comes to Talossan football and American football and even Fantasy football, and just plain best province out there, hands-down way better than all the other seven put together, welcomes you.

Want to read our Constitution? Sure you do. You know why? Because it’s so good. Because Florencia is.

Want to see our Great Seal? Sure you do; that’s why we put it over there on the left. Isn’t it great? That’s why we call it the Great Seal. We call things like they are in Florencia.

Want to see a map of Florencia pop up in a new browser window? Sure you do. We Florencians have that covered. Just click here! We even let some of our neighbour, lesser, provinces be seen in it. Because we’re nice that way.

Want to be a Florencian? Well, of course you do, because being a Florencian is the best thing anyone could possibly be. …Well, if you say your prayers and get really lucky, who knows?
Until then, we Florencians are better than you, and you’ll just need to find a way to live with that.

¡¡Bun-escasença!! (Good luck!)

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  • Florencia is also governed by an assembly called the Nimlet.
Our Provincial Capitol Building. It’s right next to the liquor store, and in this picture, it’s playing “Easy Rider”. Is that the best capitol of all, or what? Sure it is.