Hic Habitat Rex! The King Lives Here!

That’s our motto here in Vuode, where Talossa began. You can read about the history of Vuode up till 2005 in The History of Vuode Province, which was originally written for and posted on


Currently the province of Vuode (officially, The United Provinces of Vuode and Dandenburg) is governed by a premier, an office which is currently vacant. Legislative  and Judicial power lies with the provincial assembly, the Estats Xhenerais. The Estats Xhenerais is not elected, but consists of all citizens who claim a seat during an open declaration session.

The King is represented in Vuode by cunstaval Çesli da Chilseu.

Vuode is represented in the senate by Éovart Grischun, who was elected during the December 2016 General Election and whose term ends with the elections to the 53rd Cosa.

You can have a look at the map of the province here.

Vuode has its own provincial anthem. The song, “‘N Regeu Xhust” (“A Just King”) was set to the tune of the “Marseillaise” and recounts the resistance of Vuodean monarchists to its anti-monarchical Governor General in the spring of 1987. It can be found here.

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