Become a Talossan Citizen

Zevenetz ‘n Erteier!

Azul, prospective Talossan!

(See, already you know how to say “Hello” in Talossan.)

Becoming a Talossan is so easy it’s almost funny. The immigration process begins with writing to the Interior Minister; he or another staff member in the ministry will reply, pointing you to an online application on which you are asked a few simple questions (like who and where you are, and why you want to become a Talossan) and verify that you are a real person. (It is totally easy; kind of like the three questions required to cross the Bridge of Death in Monty Python and the Holy Grail — “What is your name?” “What is your quest?” “What is your favourite colour?”)

After that, you will be assigned a TalossAssistant, a current citizen whose job it is to see to it that you have all you need during your short journey to become a full Talossan citizen. You will be introduced to the current citizenry, and a minimum of 15 days later, if you have shown yourself to be someone who will be an active and interested Talossan, a current citizen is sure to petition the King beseeching him to grant you citizenship. The rest is the history you will help us write.

As our nation’s Website shows, there’s a lot of stuff to do in Talossa. Politics, language, music,sport… and most of all, just plain fun. We’re not just a nation of laws, we are a nation of people. Talossa is a way of thinking. Talossa is a culture. Come join us.

What do you say?

If you say Yes, or even if you say Maybe, write a quick mail to the Interior Minister indicating your interest.

What are you waiting for??

Really. I mean it. What are you waiting for??


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About Talossan Names: Your full and actual given name is required by this form. Once Talossan citizenship is granted to you, you may choose to adopt a Talossan name, which is a simple translation of your true and given name into the Talossan language. The nation's Bureau of the Language will be happy to assist you in this.

About Your Date Of Birth: Only persons aged 14 years or older may apply for citizenship in the Kingdom of Talossa. Only citizens aged 14 years or older may vote or hold public office.

About Contact Information: Your mailing address (except for the city) and telephone number will be kept confidential, but are required information. Talossan law mandates that this information be collected by the Immigration Ministry, and delivered to the Chancery, which keeps the national census. In addition to the legal requirement that contact information be available for the Chancery to assist in reaching citizens regarding the nation's general election, this information is also central to determining which of Talossa's provinces will count you as a citizen.

About Your Email Addresses: As with your mailing address, unless you request otherwise, your e-mail address will be kept confidential, for government use only. Make sure it is an address you check regularly, and please be certain to type it correctly, as all correspondence from the Immigration Ministry will be directed to this address (and, after you become a citizen, your ballots will be directed to this address). Also, please ensure that any spam filters that you may have will allow mail from addresses in the domain to reach you. We have found that some prospective citizens do not receive the mail from the Ministry for this reason.

About Facebook and GoogleTalk/GChat: Many real-time conversations between Talossans occur on various social networking and chat services, foremost Facebook and GoogleTalk. If you have a Facebook account and/or a GoogleTalk account (both are free), providing them will help you enter our social community quicker. This information is optional, however, and, like your other contact information, will not be published without your permission, although (unless you request otherwise) you may be invited by members of the government into groups and conversations even before gaining full citizenship.

About Your Interests: There is a lot to do as a citizen of the Kingdom of Talossa. Knowing some of your interests will help the current citizens to suggest to you some of the active Talossan groups and projects that that you may wish to join.


About This Essay: This essay is perhaps the most critical element of your immigration application, and will be published on the Internet forums of the Kingdom as part of your introduction to the citizens. Please write a bit about why you wish to become Talossan.