Organizations and Societies

Ciumisas es C’hlubs

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Citizens of Talossa have many opportunities to join with their like-minded compatriots in groups. The following is a short, partial list of Talossan Guilds, Associations, Pressure Groups, and Non-profit organizations. Representatives from each organization are welcome to create Webpages here at to provide full information to their members and the rest of the world. Please contact the Gremiour Talossan dels Zesegneirs Telaragneschti if you have any additions, corrections or changes.

Note: For information on Political Parties, click here.

Linguistic Societies

Performing Arts Societies

Craft Guilds and Industrial Unions

Religious Organizations

Not-For-Profit Organizations

  • Talossa AID
  • NOGOD: National Organization for Good Objective Development by Alexander Davis
  • UPTONOGOD: United Peoples To Oppose NOGOD

Literary and Historical Societies

Social Orders and Organizations

Veterans Groups

  • Talossan Naval Veterans Association
  • The Huddled Mass of Talossan Pirates and Commissioned Privateers
  • Retired Zouaves of the Royal Bodyguard With Nothing Better To Do
  • Berber Horse Cavalry Re-enactors Group