Organizations and Societies

Ciumisas es C’hlubs

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Citizens of Talossa have many opportunities to join with their like-minded compatriots in groups. The following is a short, partial list of Talossan Guilds, Associations, Pressure Groups, and Non-profit organizations.

Note: For information on Political Parties, click here.

Linguistic Societies

  • La Comità per l’Útzil del Glheþ (Committee for the Use of the Talossan Language)

Performing Arts Societies

  • The Royal Opera (RO)
  • The Talossan Football League (TFL) (AFT – Aßociù del Futbol Talossan)
  • The ROTFL Partnership
  • The Toxophilite Club of Talossa (formerly El Gremioûr dels Saxhitoûrs dàl Florenciâ)
  • The Royal Pengöpäts Heavy Opera Company (RPHOC)
  • Vuode Commissariat for Artistic Expression

Craft Guilds and Industrial Unions

  • El Gremiour Talossan dels Zesegneirs Telaragneschti (GTZT) (The Talossan Web Designers’ Guild)
  • Talossan Press Association
  • Local 59, International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees of Talossa and Pengöpäts

Religious Organizations

  • Brianism Coven of Cézembre
  • The Roman Catholic Mission for Talossa

Not-For-Profit Organizations

  • Talossa AID
  • NOGOD: National Organization for Good Objective Development by Alexander Davis
  • UPTONOGOD: United Peoples To Oppose NOGOD

Literary and Historical Societies

  • The Royal Historical Society of Talossa
  • The Talossan Society for Chivalric Stories and Beer (La Società Talossan per dels Romaes Cavalerici es dal Cervieþa)
  • Talossan Science Fiction & Whisky Society

Social Orders and Organizations

  • Talossan Animal Protection and Zoological Society
  • Cub Scout Pack 1, Boy Scouts of Talossa
    See also Camp Danihel Laurieir, Boy Scouts of Talossa
  • The Royal Bedpost Society
  • Royal Berber Heritage Foundation
  • The Benevolent and Protective Order of Squirrels
  • Florencian Rifle, Pistol, and Shotgun Club

Veterans Groups

  • Talossan Naval Veterans Association
  • The Huddled Mass of Talossan Pirates and Commissioned Privateers
  • Retired Zouaves of the Royal Bodyguard With Nothing Better To Do
  • Berber Horse Cavalry Re-enactors Group