The TalossaFest Archive

El Müstair da TalossaFest

An archive of details from various TalossaFests held in the Kingdom of Talossa

Once a year, Talossans gather in person for TalossaFest, an annual festival attracting Talossans from all over the world to the homeland. TalossaFest traditionally features a Living Cosâ, and is the preferred time for making the Haxh. Since Prime Minister Tom Buffone started TalossaFest in 1989, this annual summertime tradition has been the highlight of the Talossan social calendar. Come to TalossaFest and renew old friendships, make new friends, meet our growing population of Milwaukee-area citizens. TalossaFest is also the time to participate in legislative discussion in the Living Cosâ where Talossans will decide the great issues of our time in a free and open democratic forum.

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