TalossaFest 2005

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Date: 9 July 2005
Location: home of Immigration Minister Fritz von Buchholtz.
Attended: Robert Ben Madison, Amy Durnford, Ián von Metáiriâ, Wes Erni, Brook Pànetâ, Gary Cone, Pete Onsgard, Greg Rajala, Don Deutschmann, and Fritz Buchholtz.
Phoned in: Marcus Cantaloûr and Marc Moisan
Featured Events and Notable Happenings:

  • The Living Cosâ – Talossan democracy in action.
  • Cooking out, sharing food & drink – Ben brought Berber couscous and lamb.
  • Talossan-Opoly – The Kingdom’s version of “Monopoly” with Talossan places and money
  • The Talossan premiere of “The Turkish Star Wars”, to continue our tradition of lousy sci-fi movies that must be seen to be believed.

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