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Date: 9 September 2006
Location: 504 Fredonia Avenue, Fredonia, Wisconsin 53021
Attending: Sir Fritz von Buchholtz, Lord Ian von Metairia, Dr. Gregory Rajala, Al Simmerman, Art Verbotten.
Phoning In: Sir John Woolley, Sir Trotxâ Beteneir, Mà Lord Hooligan, Olaf Brainerd, X. Pöl Brigâ, Cresti Siervicül, Joseph Walkland, Mataiwos Nanamaveu.
Featured Events and Notable Happenings:
Talossa Fest was held this year at the American Consulate (MR. FRITZ’S) in Fredonia, Wisconsin. The Consulate opened at 10:00AM and the grounds will be open for Horseshoes and Camping. Contact Sir Fritz at (262) 692-9203 for any camping or overnight needs.

Fredonia is a small village (2,016) and is right off Hwy 57, just 35 minutes from Milwaukee. It is just 6 miles from the beautiful city of Port Washington which sits on La Mar Talossan/Lake Michigan. Port Washington has a population of about 20,000 (guessing here) and has hotels and motels aplenty. It’s full of beautiful yachts, a lighthouse, old homes and fishing boats.

The party got underway at 2:00 PM with opening remarks from Regent Dr. Greg Rajala.

Plans were made to grill out brats, burgers or steaks (Sir Fritz has 3 grills available for public use), but rain fell hard, keeping the festivities indoors. The group at Mr. Fritz’s was joined in person by a specially-hired barmaid, and by telephone by a great many Talossans around the world — from Ireland, the U.K., Iraq, and a largest group including three Senators and the Regent of the University of Talossa, who met at “TalossaWest” in Colorado (held at a Berber restaurant, followed by a trip to a Talossan currency exchage center).

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