National Government

The Kingdom of Talossa is governed from the capital of Abbaville.  The National Government has three branches, as per the Organic Law; Executive, Judicial, and Legislative

Executive Branch

Executive power is vested in the King, who is the Head of State and can veto bills passed by the Ziu (Parliament). The Ziu, in turn, can overrule such a veto. The King also appoints a governmental Cabinet on the advice of the majority party of the Cosa (Lower House of Parliament), which also holds executive power and is headed by the Seneschal (Prime Minister), who serves as the Head of Government. If no party holds a majority the King will appoint a Prime Minister that can get support of a coalition of political parties that together hold a majority.


The highest Court in the Kingdom of Talossa is the Cort Pü Inalt (Uppermost Court), which is composed of five Justices.


The Ziu is the Parliament and it writes and passes laws for the Kingdom of Talossa.  It is composed of the 200-seat Cosa (elected by the population in general) and the 8-member Senäts (one Senator per provice).