Getting a Talossan Coat of Arms

El Securarh dels Armeux Talossan

The following information is subject for its application to the approval of the Dean of the College of Arms or the Squirrel King of Arms.

At any time, King John can grant Extraordinary Honours to a citizen. Honours given with a patent of nobility are one example of this kind of grant. In these cases, the Squirrel King of Arms will assign a Herald to the new armiger. A grant of Extraordinary Honours does not require a vote of the Heralds on the design, but only the approval of the design by the Squirrel King of Arms.
Through the College of Arms and the office of the Squirrel King of Arms, any citizen of Talossa may petition the Crown for arms. The Squirrel King of Arms will assign a Fellow of the College to each requester for arms. Once the request is finalized, that Fellow of the College will introduce the proposed design to the College of Arms. The Squirrel King of Arms will call for a vote of all Heralds and Pursuivants, who will approve with a majority or will disapprove. The Squirrel King of Arms will submit a list of honours to the King, and the King may choose to grant arms to those he favours. To avoid distracting His Majesty from the critical affairs of state, petitions for arms are limited to certain memorable dates. The King may choose to grant mundane honours at any time, but traditionally the Crown announces honours at meaningful and historic times of the year:

Occasion of Granting Honours Date
Wargaming Day Honours 21 February
Tafsut Imazighen (Berber Spring) Honours 20 April
St. Aaron’s Day Honours 22 June
Monarchy Day Honours 24 August
Sovereign’s Birthday Honours 12 October
Independence Day Honours 26 December

The College of Arms anticipates the issuance of an honours list on each and every regular date on above-listed calendar. Should heraldic business pile up unreasonably between regular dates, the Squirrel King may choose to submit a petition for arms to His Majesty on any of following dates not included on the above calendar:

Alternate Occasion of Granting Honours Date
Labour Day Honours 11 January
Accession Day Honours 14 March
Juneau Day Honours 28 May
Organic Law Day Honours 6 July
Democracy Day Honours 28 September
Victory Day Honours 25 November

Once mundane honours are granted, the armiger can display their arms.

If an armigerous citizen wishes to register their existing arms in Talossa, they should apply to the Squirrel King of Arms. The Squirrel King of Arms will review the documentation and with the advice of the College of Arms will rule on the legitimacy of the grant. If the request is legitimate, the Squirrel King of Arms will register and recognize the armiger.As we receive inquiries and requests along these lines, the College of Arms regrets to announce that, at present, we cannot recognize arms granted through the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA), as they are not issued by royalty. We pledge to work with the SCA towards a day when heralds of the SCA will recognize Talossan arms, and visa versa.

God Save Talossa! God Save the King!


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