Talossan Football League

Welcome to the Home Page of L’Aßociù del Futbol Talossán, or the Talossan Football League, the governing body of Talossa’s national sport!

Talossan football (futbol Talossan) is a team sport that descends from the games derived from Berber football, which itself is the parent not only of operatic theater, but of all forms of football played today worldwide, including association football (soccer), Rugby football, Gaelic football, Australian Rules football, and Canadian and American gridiron football. Alone among the world’s football games, Talossan football retains a distinct influence from chess, the ancient board-game adaptation of Berber football.

Rules of Talossan Football
The TFL maintains the official set of rules for Talossan football, including procedures for establishing league-recognised local football clubs.
Royal Opera Partnership
The TFL is proud to partner with the Royal Opera for scheduled joint events that keep this important part of our proud mythical Berber heritage alive in modern Talossa. The Royal Opera and Talossan Football League (ROTFL) invites you to visit their Internet home, ROTFL OnLine (ROTFLOL).