Political Parties

Talossa has had a large number of political parties contest elections throughout it’s history.  As of the 51st Cosa, there are five registered parties which hold seats in the Cosa

The Moderate Radical Party of Talossa (MRPT); 83 seats

Party leaders: Lüc da Schir, Ian Plätschisch

50 word statement (51st Cosa elections): “The MRPT has actively led a successful government, passed various important reforms in the Ziu and missed few votes compared to other major parties. However, Talossa still faces many challenges and we’re not done solving them. We humbly ask your confidence to lead Talossa another term. Keep Course, vote MRPT!”

RUMP; 58 seats

Party leader: Eðo Grischun

50 word statement: “Vote Rump! The party that loves monarchy, dragons, Fleetwood Mac, feelings of mild inebriation, coats of arms, weaponized bedposts, old B-movies and tabletop wargames. We support the King and Organic Law and work towards pragmatic reform. Been around the block a few times. Good runner. Starts first turn of the key. Mileage guaranteed.”

Free Democrats of Talossa (FREEDEMS); 48 seats

Party leaders: Miestrâ Schivâ, Viteu Marcianüs

50 word statement: “FreeDems stand for more Freedom and Democracy. We’ve proposed a new OrgLaw that’s clean, organized, and designed to represent all Talossans. We were essential to the last government’s success; we shall continue that success as leaders in a new coalition. We nominate Schiva and Marcianüs as options for Seneschal.”

The Happiness for Talossa Party (HAT); 7 seats

Party leader: Txosue Eiric Roibeardescu

50 word statement: “We are a pro equality, apolitcal, entertainment generating, anti anger, and anti lazyness party. We want to reform the legal system and inprove coehasion between parties. We also intend to reclassify and rename “The Kingdom of Talossa” to a non-polical name such as “Nation” or “United provenances”.”

Republican Party (REP); 4 seats

Party leader: Mximo Carbonèl

50 word statement: “They will be a urge Organic-Law reform next Cosa. Republican most have their voice on the matter. Our MC are the only MC to have a 100% voting record. We’re not false republicans we are before in and after elections REPUBLICANS.”