The Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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La Ministrà dels Afaes Utphätseschti

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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The Ministry is responsible for establishing and overseeing the operations of all foreign missions of His Majesty’s government, including appointing ambassadors and consuls-general. The Foreign Minister is also responsible for initial conduct of negotiations leading to treaties and agreements with recognized foreign states. 

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs Abbavilla, Atatürk Province

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Abbavilla, Atatürk Province

Duties of the Royal Ambassadors

  1. Act as the official liaison between governments.
    In consultation with the Foreign Minister and Prime Minister, the ambassador handles any communication that the government of the host nation conducts with the Kingdom of Talossa.
  2. Promote the Kingdom of Talossa within the host country.
    Such promotion may be made through any possible means or media, complying with local laws, with the advice and approval of the Minister, and with material support provided by the Ministry of Stuff. Such activity can include, but is not limited to, promotion via Websites, personal interviews, newspaper and magazine articles, flyer distribution, and personal interaction.
  3. Provide information important to the Kingdom’s foreign policy and security goals.
    Information of this nature is to be communicated to the Foreign Minister at the first opportunity. Care should be taken that all such information be obtained without exposing any of the spies that we might happen to have working in the embassy, because, remember, no one knows that we do that kind of thing, and they would never in a million years guess it.
  4. Report on items of national interest.
    Any time an individual citizen or group acting in the host country shows its support for Talossan culture or growth in a way that is worthy of the recognition of the nation, it is the duty of the Ambassador to call the attention of the government to that act, that it may be properly acclaimed.

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