Restricted Charges

Cuntzinas Restrinçadas

As of 7 November 2005

The following heraldic charges may not be used on new Talossan arms, being restricted by the College as recognized symbols.

Name Blazon Symbol of
Belt strap A charge within a belt strap Scottish clan badges, when the belt strap encircles charge(s)
Coronet A coronet, a coronet ducal, a coronet mural Nobility
Cross, Fylfot See Swastika
Cross, Papal A cross with three cross-pieces in chief The Pope
Crowned Harp A crowned harp Ireland
Crowned Rose A crowned [Tudor] rose England
Crowned Shamrock A crowned trefoil (or shamrock) Ireland
Crowned Thistle A crowned Scottish thistle Scotland
Dragon, Imperial A five-toed Chinese dragon Emperor of China
Dragon, Royal A four-toed Chinese dragon Ruler of Korea
Flaming Cross A cross enflamed, or A cross of flames Ku Klux Klan
France, ancient Azure, semy-de-lys or France
France, modern Azure, three fleurs-de-lis or France
Fylfot See Swastika
Hand of Glory On a flame a hand; A hand enflamed Black magic
Harp, Crowned See Crowned harp
Pentacle/Pentagram A mullet voided and interlaced/ within and conjoined to an annulet Inverted version perceived as a symbol of black magic and “satanism”; upright version insufficiently different from inverted version
Red Hand of Ulster A sinister hand appaumy gules on argent canton or inescutcheon British Baronets
Rose, Crowned See Crowned rose
Rose en soleil A rose with sunbeams emanating Plantagenet kings of England
Rose, Tudor The combination of a rose argent and a rose gules, whether as a double rose or in some other manner which creates a half-white, half-red rose Tudors
Scottish Tressure A double tressure flory counter-flory Scottish augmentation; an orle fleury (counter-fleury) is insufficiently different
Shamrock, Crowned See Crowned shamrock
Swastika A swastika or a fylfot Nazi Party (NSDAP)
Triskelion gammadion A triskelion gammadion Afrikaaner Weerstandsbeweging, a white supremacist group
Union Shield Paly argent and gules, a chief azure, with or without mullets argent The United States of America, The Union Pacific Railroad

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