Pengöpäts Territory

Welcome to Talossa’s Frontier!

“Well, we haven’t really taken it,
but we’ve claimed it,
and that’s as much as anybody else has done.”
— King Robert I

Ever since March 9, 1982, the Kingdom has claimed a chunk (specifically, the chunk lying between longitudes 90° and 150° West) of Antarctica called Pengöpäts, which is not claimed by any other nation. The territory is Talossa’s largest in area, and its most sparsely populated holding.

Territorial Status:
In a recent national election, a call was made for Pengöpäts to be made into a province, but even the political party making the call has pledged not to vote for such a thing. Even if it were possible, given the conditions placed by Organic Law on the granting of provincial status to places. Which it’s not. You see, the place doesn’t have enough population. In fact, it doesn’t have any.

Just because we’re remote doesn’t mean we should lack the comforts of home. The Pengöpäts Ministry of Culture has worked tirelessly to create a cultural home for us. The first star in the PMC firmament is the Royal Pengöpäts Heavy Opera Company, now holding tryouts for the Fall Season.

Pengöpäts is big – very roomy, with no neighbors to complain about parking or noise. No place else on earth is better for holding Stock Car Races. The pinnacle of the NASCAR of Pengöpäts season is the Ice Flats 200, held every year on February 25th.

Current Issues:
The territory has its share of problems just like the rest of Talossa. Most of you are probably here looking for news on the recent issues regarding the discovery of illegally-immigrating penguins crossing into our territory from abroad. Working with the national government, we are hopeful that some attention will be paid to this serious problem, and a fence built. Luckily, since penguins cannot fly, it doesn’t have to be a very tall fence, so it could be worse.

Traffic Congestion:
Traffic is an issue. We’re working on this.

Territorial Flag of Pengöpäts

Territorial Map of Pengöpäts

The Honourable Munditenens (Dien) Tresplet
serves as
Royal Governor of Pengöpäts

Summer Scenery in Pengöpäts

Winter Scenery in Pengöpäts